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BOOK REVIEW - Becoming a Jett girl by Meghan Quinn

How did I start the Lafayette Club?

Well, I’m in the business of saving tarnished souls. I hand pick girls from the street who have no options left in life and give them an opportunity they can’t possibly refuse.

They come to work in the Lafayette Club which is full of EXQUISITE DEBAUCHERY, where influential men come to conduct business and lap dances are considered a fine art. 

The girls are trained, they are morphed, they are educated, they follow the rules of the club and they know to submit to me. They live by my motto, no relationships, no love, just sex. 

They are never touched, only by me, they are never completely naked, only with me, and their personas are entirely anonymous. The only person who knows who they truly are, is me, Jett Colby. 

If these girls were ever seen on the streets of New Orleans, you would never know they were a Jett Girl.


This book was my first book by Meghan Quinn but it definitely won't be my last. I went into this book with zero expectations, much like I do with every book. It's rare that I even read a synopsis because I tend to crave the element of surprise and boy did this book deliver. 

This is a fast paced story of Goldie also known as Lo, a woman that works at a low end strip club to make ends meet. This is the story of finding her place in the world. A place of acceptance. A place that is safe....

Jett is just hot as hell. He's dominant but also loyal and loving. He needs control and boundaries but Lo makes him question everything. She brings color into a world  void of color but can Jett see that?? Can he let her in?

This book has a bit of everything in it, it's sexy, and fun, and chalked full of laugh out loud moments. It's a book I would definitely recommend to any and all romance readers. It's a new premise and a breath of fresh air. I can't wait to read more from this author, I have no doubt  that they are just as incredible. 
5 Stars!!! 

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BLOG TOUR - Grounded by Heather Young - Nichols

Title: Grounded
Author: Heather Young-Nichols
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Hosted by: Beautiful Promotions


Alyssum Bracken sets out in search of Jensen Burkhardt…

After a longtime feud over copper between the Gremalian and the Gobel races, she hopes he has inherited his father’s legendary abilities as tensions rise to a breaking point. But when she finds him in faraway New York, Alyssum discovers she didn’t reach the handsome gremlin first. Aric, a rival goblin, is already ensconced in Jensen’s life.

However, Aric Bramble isn’t the enemy…

Courageously risking exile to save both races from a bloody war, the unlikely trio decide to work together. A forbidden friendship with Aric, a first love with the noble Jensen, while juggling her father, their leader, the prejudice of her people against the Gobel—and Aric’s people trying to kill them all—might be too much for Alyssum to handle.

Jensen’s strength is the one thing keeping Alyssum grounded, but will their relationship be threatened by her friendship with Aric?

Will any of them even survive the coming conflict? Alyssum isn't sure…but she’s going to try.



Heather Young-Nichols was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan and graduated from nearby Saginaw Valley State University with a degree in sociology. The only thing that rivals her love of reading is her love of baseball. During the season you can find her gushing about both. 

Heather’s debut new adult contemporary romance, Up for Grabs (Swoon Publishing) released in May 2014 with the follow-up, Up for Forever (Swoon Publishing) due in May 2015. A young adult fantasy, Grounded, releases May 19, 2015 with Limitless Publishing.

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RELEASE DAY BLITZ - Love Abstract by B.L Berry


Things aren't always what they seem.

And in the light, Sleeping Shadows awaken and truths are exposed.


I love you.

Of all the lies he ever told me, that is my favorite.


Phoenix isn't who he thinks he is.

He is what he hides.

I know that now.


His lies became so real he started to believe them,

deceiving even himself.

His silence lies, too.

The truth won't set you free. It will destroy you.

Love is deceptive like that.


Chapter 1


“Stop looking at me.” I fight a girlish smile, hating how I feel so stupidly giddy in his presence. I keep my eyes fixed on the oil and pastel painting of ballerinas that hangs prominently on the wall in front of us. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Phoenix simply beam back at me with that damn grin and that perfect dimple that I’ve come to love so much. I know he’s happy, but beyond that he doesn’t give much away. Actually, since we’ve moved to New York, he doesn’t give much away, period.

“What?” I goad, turning to face him.

“Nothing.” He looks back to the exhibit wall, smirking at the artwork.

“Do I have something on my face, Phoenix?”

His laugh echoes throughout the Degas exhibit room. “No, Ivy. There’s nothing wrong with your face. Your face is perfect.” He winks and then steps to the next picture in the room. It’s a gray pastel sketch of another dancer, but this one is holding a fan as her feet are turned out in some numbered position that I can’t remember.

I smile at him intently as he feigns interest. I know art isn’t his thing, but he makes it his thing. For me. He makes everything his thing for me. And it makes me love him even more.

Sigh. Slowly this man has become the world to me. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t need a man, but I feel fulfilled having him in my life. Phoenix just makes everything better.

The museum is eerily quiet tonight. My high heels echo off the marble, interrupting the silence in the wing. I lace my fingers between his as we stand shoulder to shoulder.

“I wish I had her kind of easy grace.” I rest my head against his shoulder and look at the sketch. “My parents made me take dance for a year when I was little. I hated the tutus and tights and would pitch a fit whenever they made me go.”

“I love that.”

“What? That I hated tutus?”

“No, that I learn something new about you every day.” Phoenix hums softly and lets go of my hand to wrap his arm around my waist, drawing me even closer to him. His cologne is warm and inviting. I inhale him deeply, committing his scent to memory, thankful he can’t see me do it.

“And for what it’s worth, I think you’re graceful.”

I snort as he reaches out and gently pulls my chin toward him. I’m about to tell him I’m as graceful as a Mack truck when he plants a whisper of a kiss upon my lips. Even after a thousand kisses, my heart still quivers when his lips touch mine. I like how every kiss feels like our first kiss under the stars. He likes to make each kiss special. Memorable. It’s as if he’s trying to replace all of the tainted kisses from my past with his good ones.

Phoenix withdraws, stuffs his hands in his pockets and rocks on his feet, heel to toe, over and over again. For whatever reason, he’s nervous—I think. Phoenix has been acting a little strange lately. He’s still his wonderful, charming, caring self, but his mind is clearly elsewhere. We’re closer than ever, yet he manages to keep himself at a slight distance, never letting me in completely.

He doesn’t think I notice these things. But I do.

And it drives me fucking mad.

We’ve been in New York for exactly six weeks and tonight marks our sixth date. It was Phoenix’s idea to plan an outing once a week to explore our new city together. He even made a list of all the things he wants to do and stuck it on our obnoxiously loud fridge, ceremoniously scratching each one off after each date. So far we’ve seen a musical on Broadway, gone people watching in Washington Square, ridden the Staten Island Ferry, kissed atop the Empire State Building, and pedaled our way through Central Park. Tonight we are at The Met. It’s my first time here, and I’m pretty sure I never want to leave.

Six wonderful weeks.

But through these six weeks, I’ve seen new sides of him unfold. He’s the same Phoenix I fell for, just a little more guarded. I know he has a lot on his mind between trying to patch things up with his estranged father who is dying of cancer and getting settled with his new architecture firm. Plus, I know that living with your brand new girlfriend in an apartment the size of a postage stamp can’t be easy. But I can’t shake the feeling that there’s something he’s not telling me.

“Why are you acting so strange?” I bump into him playfully, trying to hide the concern in my voice.

“What do you mean?” He pulls his hands from his pockets and gently holds my face, tracing his thumb over my lips.

“I don’t know, you just don’t seem like yourself lately. You’re distracted. Is everything okay?” I look at him intently, my eyes pleading to tell me what’s on his mind.

“What? I can’t kiss my girl whenever I want?”

He takes my hand and twirls me around before pulling me to his chest, swaying our bodies in a music-less dance. But his smile, his touch, his charm ... It all disarms me and I forget about his reservations and find myself wanting to fall into him further.

“No … That you can do.”

I wrap my arms around his neck to still his restless body. My eyes focus on his perfect lips, soaking in his beauty as he starts to lean in to kiss me again, but hesitates. In a brushing moment of solemnity, I can see the secrets in his eyes. I search his expression for the answers, but then he offers me the small endearing smile that I fell in love with and whatever burden plagued his mind melts away.

“I wish you could see yourself through my eyes, Ivy,” he says, tucking a loose strand of dark hair behind my ear. “We’ve been circling this place for hours now, surrounded by priceless works of art, and yet you are the only masterpiece I’ve seen in this entire museum.”

And just like that, I’m a puddle at his feet.

He always knows what to say and when. He always knows how to make me feel every indescribable emotion. He is obnoxiously perfect like that. And I couldn’t hate him for it, even if I tried. I just wish he knew that too much perfection could be a mistake.

Phoenix holds my face in his hands and rubs his thumb over my lips. I don’t dare speak and spoil the moment. Instead, I roll up on my tippy-toes and place a delicate kiss upon his lips. When I start to pull away, he pulls me closer deepening the kiss, exploring my mouth with his. Slowly, he traces his hands down my shoulders, over my arms and around my waist, his lips never leaving mine.

I am connected to this man in every way imaginable.

I swallow his groan and my head spins. Even after a thousand kisses, this never gets old. This simple display of love is so not overrated, at least with him. Kissing him has always been a heady venture. I’m drowning in his sensations.

The sweet taste of his lips …

The smell of his cologne …

The scruff of his five o’clock shadow against my skin …

I need to feel him in my veins. It’s all too easy to get lost in.

He picks me up, and I instinctively tangle my legs around his waist, hooking him closer to my body. I don’t even bother being embarrassed by the fact my dress rides up dangerously close to my ass.

My back slams against the doorframe into the room. Phoenix’s mouth and deliciously hot breath move from my lips to just below my ear, down my neck before coming to rest on my collarbone. The sensory overload sends chills up my spine.

I feel his hand lightly trail from my calf up to my thigh and tease my skin along the bottom edge of the fabric of my dress. I know exactly what he’s craving right now.

And fuck, I’m aching for it, too.

“Nu-uh,” I say, not believing the words that fall from my mouth. I gently grab his hand and move it away from my upper thigh. I roll my head back, giving him easier access and softly moan as he runs his lips back up my neck, drinking me in.

“Ivy …” Phoenix breathes as he continues his assault of tender kisses. He’s waiting for me to stop him again. Deep down, I want to grab his hand and pull him into a remote part of the museum.

Where the cameras don’t reach.

Where there’s less of a risk of getting caught.

Where I can finally ignore my nagging conscious and just lose myself in him.

I fight the urge to strip down and take him right here in public. Everything about him feels so damn good. And every last part of my body needs him in every sense of the word.

Every part of me except my head.

“Stop.” I shut my eyes tightly, instantly regretting the declaration. It always slams me from ten thousand feet in the air to the hard ground below. Don’t get me wrong—I want to. I’m just not ready to go there yet.

Life is still too raw.

Wounds not yet healed.

My mind still not at ease with how life has played out.

And yet here he stays.




For me.

One day my head, my heart, and my drive will all fall in sync. But that day is not today. I can practically hear the old Ivy in the bowels of my brain flipping her shit in frustration. But I know better. I won’t jump in deep waters so soon and wreck everything we’ve worked so hard to overcome and build.

This relationship is something I refuse to ruin. And clearly my track record of relationships driven by sex has worked out so well. I just want to build us up first before potentially complicating things further with sex.

Slowly, I unwrap my legs and Phoenix gently lowers my feet to the floor. I tug down the bottom of my dress and search his face for disappointment. He masks it well as he silently nods and then presses his forehead to mine.

“I love you, Ivy.” He says the words so softly I barely hear him, but I feel the words on his breath and the weight of his profession in every cell of my body.

I’m a shotgun loaded with emotion, desperate to pull the trigger and catapult us into unchartered territory.


I unwillingly pry myself from Phoenix and we look toward the sound to find a gray-haired man in a uniform watching us uncomfortably from a few feet away. He purses his lips and shifts his weight from foot to foot.

“The museum is closing in fifteen minutes. If you could, uh, please wrap things up and make your way back downstairs.” The security guard moves his gaze to the floor before continuing to walk through the wing.

Well, that’s just great. Had I known we were giving a show, I would have at least made it a little more exciting for everyone involved. Then again, with security being tighter than Fort Knox, it’s a wonder we weren’t interrupted sooner. Or maybe he was just watching us for that long. Ugh.

My cheeks flush scarlet and Phoenix winks at me.“C’mon, Ivy.” He places his hand in the small of my back and whisks me toward the elevators.

The sky is dark and velvety by the time we make it outside. It’s surprisingly chilly for early August, but it’s a nice reprieve from the sweltering summer nights we’ve experienced lately. A breeze sends goose bumps down my body as it rolls over my skin. Phoenix takes my hand in his and leads me down the stairs. “Are you ready to go home? Or would you rather grab a drink somewhere?”

“Nah.” I look back at The Met—it’s truly stunning when it’s lit up at night. I wish we could have stayed longer and explored the other exhibits though I’m sure Phoenix was bored a few hours ago. “Why don’t we just walk?”

He smiles his killer smile and we take off in no particular direction with no particular destination. We walk hand in hand, in silence, for a good fifteen minutes. When we stop at a crosswalk, I notice the same unsettled look in his eyes that I’ve witnessed off and on for the past few weeks. Just as I’m about to ask if something’s on his mind, he speaks.

“You know what I appreciate the most about you?”

“What’s that?” My heart flutters in anticipation of his answer.

“You make living each day easier. With you, Ivy, you let the past stay there. You allow for history to be done. ”

I know exactly what he means by this. After all, he does the same for me.

“I love you.” I give his hand a squeeze.

“I know you do. I love me, too.”

I slug him playfully in the shoulder and he just laughs. “I love you too, Ivy. More than you could ever begin to comprehend.”

The streetlight changes along with my mood and we turn in the direction of our apartment, heading home.

We really lucked out finding that apartment. It’s an older building in SoHo with archaic appliances and no elevator. The bad news is we have to schlep up three flights of stairs to get to our fourth floor apartment. But the good news is my calves have never looked better. The tiny apartment we call home is roughly the size of the walk-in closet at my parents’ house back in Chicago. We have just enough living space to not be in each other’s business all the time, just enough counter space for a coffee maker, and just enough closet space to hang up our nicer clothes.

But I love it because it’s ours.

Normally our silences are welcomed. Comfortable, even. But as we walk down Fifth Avenue, the quiet between us is unnerving. I tuck a loose strand behind my ear and slow my pace.

“You’d tell me if something were wrong, right?”

He stops walking and turns toward me. “Yeah, of course I would.” He forces a tight smile and I instantly know that he’s lying to me. It’s infuriating how we can have hundreds of miles between us and be so intimately close, but then there are moments when he’s standing right next to me and we may as well have the expanse of the sea between us.

“Really?” I ask, searching for any kind of reassurance from him. He knows he can open up to me about anything. I just wish he would.

“Yes, really.” He sighs and closes his eyes. “I’ve just got a lot on my mind right now. It’s nothing you need to worry about.” He reaches out and takes my face in his hands, tracing his thumb along my jawline. Phoenix leans down to kiss me, but pauses just before our lips meet. He looks me in the eye and I feel the sadness or frustration or whatever the hell it is he’s harboring. And when his lips touch mine, I feel that same sadness in the depth of my belly.

I pull away hesitantly, my heart breaking. “Okay,” I say softly, effectively dropping the subject. I love him enough to let it go … for now.

But deep down we both know this conversation is far from over.


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Love Nouveau on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22912916-love-nouveau

Love Abstract on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25243912-love-abstract


About B.L. Berry

B.L. Berry is many things. A New Adult author. A self-proclaimed music whore. A long-course triathlete. A marketing savant. And a full-time working mom. While there are never enough hours in the day, she does the best she can to get things done and hopes for technological advances in human cloning.

When she’s not hiding behind her computer writing, you can find her spending time with her family or catching up on her favorite TV shows. Rumor has it she’ll sleep when she’s dead.

She is Canadian by birth. Mexican by marriage. Chicagoan by heart. Kansan by choice. Jayhawk purely by common sense.

Residing outside of Kansas City, she lives with her husband, two children and black pug. Each day her family thanks the makers of e-Readers, because without which they would be living amongst stacks and stacks of romance novels. Conversely, each day B.L. Berry thanks the makers of e-Readers for hiding her book-hoarding tendencies.

Blog: http://blberrywrites.wordpress.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/blberryauthor

Twitter: @BLBerryWrites

Instagram: @BLBerryWrites

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/AuthorBLBerry


COVER REVEAL - The Song of David by Amy Harmon

The Song of David

By: Amy Harmon
Available: June 15, 2015
Cover by: Hang Le

She said I was like a song. Her favorite song. A song isn’t something you can see. It’s something you feel, something you move to, something that disappears after the last note is played.

I won my first fight when I was eleven years old, and I’ve been throwing punches ever since. Fighting is the purest, truest, most elemental thing there is. Some people describe heaven as a sea of unending white. Where choirs sing and loved ones await. But for me, heaven was something else. It sounded like the bell at the beginning of a round, it tasted like adrenaline, it burned like sweat in my eyes and fire in my belly. It looked like the blur of screaming crowds and an opponent who wanted my blood. 

For me, heaven was the octagon.

Until I met Millie, and heaven became something different. I became something different. I knew I loved her when I watched her stand perfectly still in the middle of a crowded room, people swarming, buzzing, slipping around her, her straight dancer’s posture unyielding, her chin high, her hands loose at her sides. No one seemed to see her at all, except for the few who squeezed past her, tossing exasperated looks at her unsmiling face. When they realized she wasn’t normal, they hurried away. Why was it that no one saw her, yet she was the first thing I saw?

If heaven was the octagon, then she was my angel at the center of it all, the girl with the power to take me down and lift me up again. The girl I wanted to fight for, the girl I wanted to claim. The girl who taught me that sometimes the biggest heroes go unsung and the most important battles are the ones we don’t think we can win.

Giveaway- (6) $25 Amazon Gift Cards
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About Amy:

Amy Harmon is a USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author. Amy knew at an early age that writing was something she wanted to do, and she divided her time between writing songs and stories as she grew. Having grown up in the middle of wheat fields without a television, with only her books and her siblings to entertain her, she developed a strong sense of what made a good story. Her books are now being published in several countries, truly a dream come true for a little country girl from Levan, Utah.

Amy Harmon has written seven novels - the USA Today Bestsellers, Making Faces and Running Barefoot, as well as Slow Dance in Purgatory, Prom Night in Purgatory, Infinity + One and the New York Times Bestseller, A Different Blue. Her newest release, The Law of Moses, is now available. For updates on upcoming book releases, author posts and more, join Amy at www.authoramyharmon.com

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BOOK REVIEW - Let it Be Me by Barbara Speak

Arianna Dubray is nothing like the girl she left in Baltimore. Once a Prada shoe wearing, Michael Kors bag carrying, on top of the world seventeen-year-old girl, Arianna knew that her life would never be the same when she got out of the car in middle-of-nowhere Montana.
Canyon Michaels is the keeper of his own dark secrets. Plagued by his family name, he's forced to prove the town wrong and make it on his own.
The last thing Arianna needs is a reason to stay, but with every passing day the decision to leave becomes harder. Once their paths cross nothing can tear themAPART, other than the secrets that start to surface and the nightmares that soon become their reality.


This was my first experience with Barbara Speak's work so to say that I was going in blindly is an understatement. I didn't read the blurb or even see the cover until after I had started and was a good ways into the book. So, completely 100% blind. I saw a teaser she posted and fell in love and it all spiraled from that one teaser. 

Let me say, this book did NOT disappoint! From page one Barbara pulls the reader in, I found myself constantly trying to piece the little tiny pieces to the puzzle together which by the way is almost an impossible feat. She keeps you guessing, constantly reeling from the what could be's - not revealing anything until SHE was ready for you to know and this is almost impossible for an author to do because I can normally play Carmen SanDiego and figure it out, this book was not the case. Every theory I had was crushed... I was completely wrong every time. So kudos to you Mrs.Speak. 

This book starts out with Arianna and her family moving, leaving her whole past behind to a small country town where bon fires, dirt roads, horseback riding, and sweet tea is a given but she reveals nothing as to WHY this change is so important, keeping you guessing. Ari just wants to be invisible, to walk silently down the halls and be alone and she fails miserably at this task... New girl in a small town = Recipe for success or lack there of causing much  unwanted attention for Ari.

A sudden chance of events lands Ari in the pickup truck of a sexy southern Canyon Matthews. Canyon stirs something deep inside of Ari, accepting her no matter her secrets but with the acceptance of Ari's darkest secrets, lies his secrets as well. Can Ari and Canyon open up to one another about the past? And are they willing to accept the past so they can have a future?

This book had a little bit of everything in it. While I thought it was gonna be a super quick, easy read, it wasn't - it was so much more. When the secrets starting coming out (like a domino effect) I don't think I took a breath the entire time, even gasping out loud at times. This was a beautifully woven story of pain, betrayl, trust, and overall love. Can love really conquer all things? I highly recommend this one y'all 
5  crossing my heart stars! 

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RELEASE DAY BLITZ - Unspoken Temptation by Gabbie S. Duran

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 11, 2015

B&N Coming soon!

She’s a temptation he can’t resist … 
Trey Johnson is far from ready to be tied down to a single girl. His carefree, no rules lifestyle is as perfect as it can be. That is, until he meets a girl who captivates his attention by resisting his playful charms. 

She’s the one girl he isn’t allowed to touch … 
Victoria Montgomery’s prim and proper upbringing was designed to prepare her for life as the perfect daughter to the future president.  When she meets the one guy her father has always warned her to stay away from, she can no longer live by their rules. 

Are they strong enough to resist their attraction, or will they surrender to their unspoken temptation?

Checking the address on the gate and comparing it to what I had written down, I confirm it’s the correct house. The navigation on my car did not steer me wrong. My only roadblock is a giant security gate keeping me from entering the premises. It’s strange. I’m in a modest residential area. All the houses are simple and far from extravagant. The gate has it standing out compared to all the others, but I do remember she was a celebrity of some sort at one point. It must be for privacy reasons.
        Rolling down my window and pressing the button on the security box, I wait for admittance.
        “May I help you?” An older female voice replies from the box.
        “I have an appointment with Ms. Adams.”
“Please hold.”
        I’m expecting the gate to immediately open, but instead I’m left waiting for a few more minutes. I’m about to press the call button again when the gate finally begins to creak open. Driving my car forward, I’m not surprised to find a modest looking house similar to the others in the neighborhood. Parking my car in the only space available, next to a shiny black Escalade, I turn the car off.
        Grabbing the document from my briefcase, I exit the car and walk towards the front door. As I’m raising my hand to knock, it opens before I can make contact. My jaw drops and my eyes are the size of saucers when I take in who opened the door.
“Can I help you?” he slowly draws out, glaring at me.
        Checking the numbers indicating the address, I find I’m at the location listed. “What are you doing here?” I choke out.
        “I live here.”
        Just as rapidly, I throw back, “I thought Abigail lived here.”
        “She does.”
        Now I’m shocked speechless. It also confirms all my speculations whether he has a relationship with Abigail or not. It’s obvious he must if he lives with her.
        Finding the breath to speak again, I say, “Abigail sent for me.”
        “She’s not here. Come back later,” he says then slams the door in my face.
My jaw drops to the floor. The audacity of this man! 

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BOOK REVIEW - Follow me back by A Meridith Walters

The sequel to Lead Me Not, this dangerously sexy second installment in the Twisted Love seriesCONTINUES Aubrey and Maxx’s love story, from New York Times bestselling author A. Meredith Walters—who “writes the most beautifully flawed characters that still have you swooning” (Sawyer Bennett, USA Today bestselling author of the Off series).

Aubrey Duncan has loved…and lost. Should she follow a heart that’s betrayed her or a head that tells her to let go?

Maxx Demelo’s addiction almost destroyed him. It ruined his life and, most importantly, his relationship with the only girl he ever loved.

He has vowed to become the man Aubrey Duncan deserves. Even if he has to tear himself apart to do it. So heENTERS rehab, trying to fix the parts of him that are shattered as he longs to be healthy and whole.

Aubrey lost everything because she chose to listen to her heart. Now she has sworn to put herself first, to heal in the only way that she can…far away from Maxx and his demons.

But just as Aubrey is starting over, Maxx is released from rehab and thrustBACK into her world, determined to prove how much they still need each other. And the chaos that had defined them threatens to unleash once again…

But a heart, no matter how broken, is impossible to ignore.


First let me start by saying that is book two in a series, you will not understand alot so turn around and read book one first. Lead me Not is the title to book one. 

Follow me back actually picks up where Lead me not leaves off, that by itself is an incredible feat. I love when an author starts up right where they left off instead of fast forwarding it. It makes it so much easier to fall into the story that way. 

These books are not books for the faint, while I don't consider them dark, they are definitely not light. Drug addiction, abuse, and just a whole lot of other issues that I'm not even gonna get into. It's tough to read at times, sometimes I just wanted to scream let them be happy. But I know, I know Maxx and Aubrey's story was meant to be this way. It was scary, heartbreaking, and profound. It touches on topics that most people are scared of. It shows you the ugly side of love. The parts that people try to hide away. 

Meridith shows us that even in the darkest hour of the darkest day, Love above all else, is the most powerful tool of all. This is a story of pain and love. To never give up hope. To just never give up. 

This was a powerful read. One I'll not soon be forgetting. Buy it, Read it, Love it.

4 stars!

Buy it here

BOOK REVIEW - Black Iris by Leah Raeder

The next dark and sexy romantic suspense novel from the USA Todaybestselling author of Unteachable.

It only took one moment of weakness for Laney Keating’s world to fall APART. One stupid gesture for a hopeless crush. Then the rumors began. Slut, they called her. Queer. Psycho. Mentally ill, messed up, so messed up even her own mother decided she wasn't worth sticking around for.

If Laney could erase that whole year, she would. College is her chance to start with a clean slate.

She's not looking for new FRIENDS, but they find her: charming, handsome Armin, the only guy patient enough to work through her thorny defenses—and fiery, filterless Blythe, the bad girl and partner in crime who has thorns of her own.

But Laney knows nothing good ever lasts. When a ghost from her past resurfaces—the bully who broke her down completely—she decides it's time to live up to her own legend. And Armin and Blythe are going to help.

Which was the plan all along.

Because the rumors are true. Every SINGLE one. And Laney is going to show them just how true.

She's going to show them all


So as a fan of Leah Raeders Unteachable, I jumped at the chance to review Black Iris and expected nothing other that superb writing - and that's exactly what I got. Leah has a spell binding talent that draws you in and keeps you under her spell. No matter what happens, you can't stop. You always need to know the end game. Her writing is THAT good. So I was ecstatic when Black Iris showed up on my kindle.

I don't typically read a blurb, I like the element of surprise, the moment the book clicks into place and you know - y'all know that stomach dropping moment I'm talking about right? Most all books have them. When this book starts, it starts. Pulling you into a less than merry world. A world of hurt and anger (this was not expected on me end) 

Black Iris is dark and gritty and painful to read. A story of revenge. Hardcore, cut throat revenge. Laney is an anti-hero of sorts. There's nothing 'normal' about her life. She has a main goal in life and she plans on making all her plans - a reality. And that is exactly what she does. I don't really want to divulge in story too much because holy batman spoilers, at the stuff I could potentially ruin and the best part of the story is when you finally inderstand exactly who and what Laney is chasing. Her demons are strong and they are many. She won't stop until revenge is hers.

Now while this was an incredibly well thought out story, and the characters were well developed. There was still something I couldn't fully (as a reader) connect with. Yes, it was an great book. Yes, it had a little bit of everything. Yes, it kept me guessing at all moments. But something just never connected me with this story  and I cannot pin point it. Do I think you should read it? Yes! 100% especially if you're a fan of dark reads (I don't think many fluffy love story readers will enjoy this) So give it chance! Oh and yes there's f/f action in here, I feel the need to throw that in as I've been asked and trust me, it's really no different than reading m/f. Honestly, do not let that stray you from the story - it's time we move past the traditional thoughts and see that love is love - yeah it's that simple. 

I give this book 3.5-4 stars