Friday, May 8, 2015

BOOK REVIEW - Follow me back by A Meridith Walters

The sequel to Lead Me Not, this dangerously sexy second installment in the Twisted Love seriesCONTINUES Aubrey and Maxx’s love story, from New York Times bestselling author A. Meredith Walters—who “writes the most beautifully flawed characters that still have you swooning” (Sawyer Bennett, USA Today bestselling author of the Off series).

Aubrey Duncan has loved…and lost. Should she follow a heart that’s betrayed her or a head that tells her to let go?

Maxx Demelo’s addiction almost destroyed him. It ruined his life and, most importantly, his relationship with the only girl he ever loved.

He has vowed to become the man Aubrey Duncan deserves. Even if he has to tear himself apart to do it. So heENTERS rehab, trying to fix the parts of him that are shattered as he longs to be healthy and whole.

Aubrey lost everything because she chose to listen to her heart. Now she has sworn to put herself first, to heal in the only way that she can…far away from Maxx and his demons.

But just as Aubrey is starting over, Maxx is released from rehab and thrustBACK into her world, determined to prove how much they still need each other. And the chaos that had defined them threatens to unleash once again…

But a heart, no matter how broken, is impossible to ignore.


First let me start by saying that is book two in a series, you will not understand alot so turn around and read book one first. Lead me Not is the title to book one. 

Follow me back actually picks up where Lead me not leaves off, that by itself is an incredible feat. I love when an author starts up right where they left off instead of fast forwarding it. It makes it so much easier to fall into the story that way. 

These books are not books for the faint, while I don't consider them dark, they are definitely not light. Drug addiction, abuse, and just a whole lot of other issues that I'm not even gonna get into. It's tough to read at times, sometimes I just wanted to scream let them be happy. But I know, I know Maxx and Aubrey's story was meant to be this way. It was scary, heartbreaking, and profound. It touches on topics that most people are scared of. It shows you the ugly side of love. The parts that people try to hide away. 

Meridith shows us that even in the darkest hour of the darkest day, Love above all else, is the most powerful tool of all. This is a story of pain and love. To never give up hope. To just never give up. 

This was a powerful read. One I'll not soon be forgetting. Buy it, Read it, Love it.

4 stars!

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