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Review of BECK by Harper Sloan

As most of you know, my obsession with the Corps Security Men is borderline unhealthy.... these men are addictive, and Beck has been one of my favorites since the first book.

Beck and Dee have been back and forth from the beginning. I will admit that I went into this book with preconceived notions about Dee. I thought that she was flighty. I thought that she just didn't know what she wanted and was content playing games with Beck.

Well played Mrs. Sloan, because now I just want to hate myself for the judgement that I passed on her before I knew her. Dee's scars run deep. She was raised by wealth and power - but not love. Her parents considered her a burden to their fabulous lifestyle and never failed to let her know it. Dee was used by every man she ever met to get close to the power and privilege that her name offered. She has had unspeakable things happen to her for unexplainable reasons. And she goes through life letting people in just enough so that she doesn't have to let them see how truly damaged she is.
"Funny thing about these masks that people put on. I look like the happiest woman in the world. I look like I have everything that I want out of life. That everything is perfect. And that's exactly what I want people to see. But inside? Inside, I'm dying."

And then Beck comes into her life. Completely fearless, uncannily observant and devastatingly handsome. Dee knows she can't let him close because she is only going to get hurt in the end. So they begin their long lasting game of tug-o-war. The push and pull of their attraction to each other. Beck can see the hurt in her and he wants to be the one who helps her heal - but every time they get close...something happens that sends Dee right back to the past, where she hides. However, giving up isn't an option for Beck.
"And I want you right back just as much, so don't think this isn't hard on me, too. I'm not going anywhere, Dee. You might think you are ready, and I have no doubt that your body is, but I want it all. Mind, body, soul and heart. I promise you that when we finally get there, it's going to be worth the wait. When you open yourself up to me completely....Baby, you won't even believe how good it's going to be."

(^^^^^ Um, swoon much??)

I love that this book went back to the beginning. For one, I get to relive a lot of my favorite moments through another set of eyes - but also the way it provided the background on Beck and Dee so that your earlier reservations about their relationship being superficial and completely demolished. It was genius.

This book is full of of emotional turmoil and inner demons - but don't worry! You still get the light-hearted banter and witty comments that we love from the Corps Crew. Oh, and lest I forget....plenty of "holy-wow-fan-yourself" hot moments with Beck...I'm talking furniture breaking, powerful stuff. :-)

Now it must be said that the last 20% of this book will break your heart. It's just an out-of-the-nowhere-how-can-this-possibly-be-happening moment. And I won't lie, I went back and re-read a few parts over and over because I felt like an anvil had been dropped on my head.

Just know - this book is worth every tear you shed. It is a beautifully written continuation to one of my all time favorite series. Harper Sloan has truly out done herself with this one. I can promise that you won't be disappointed!!!

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His Wounded Light Review (The Light In The Wound 2)

The perfect life.

The perfect marriage.

The jilted lover.

Their worlds collide.

Fate intervenes twelve years later and their paths intersect once again. All three will question whether the heart is truly capable of dividing and being divided; each will decide whether it matters who you loved first or who you love last.

Together they will learn that in the end, there can always only be one.

 ~This is the second in the series and The Light In The Wound should be read first~

It has taken me a couple days to process this book...

What an AMAZINGLY heart-breakingly beautiful story... The book is done in three POV's, and I love being in each characters head during their part.

I LOVED TLITW, and was Team Alex till the cows came home... This book made me question how I really felt about him.

It starts out with another prologue that knocks your socks off and hooks you right away.

At the end of TLITW, Alex and Isabel are together and living happily ever after. When this book opens up, they are on a vacation away from the kids celebrating their twelve year anniversary. They are trying to find a perfect spot to hook the lock with their names on it, on the Pont des Arts. Things are going so well, and you are jealous of the love that they share. You think that nothing can be wrong in their perfect marriage.

"It is not the lack of love but the lack of a friendship that makes unhappy marriages." -Friedrich Nietzsche

Isabel has been having nightmares, but doesn't want to share with Alex what they entail. Alex tries and tries to get her to open up about them, but she keeps telling him there nothing. They enjoy the rest of their TRIP, but are anxious to get home to the kids.

Leigh and Betty are back, and still just as close as ever with Isa and Alex.

Alex and Leigh seem to have a 'secret' of their own. I had no clue where it would go... and that eventually it would break my heart.

Jesse is introduced back into the story, but now has a fiance, Rose.

Eventually the secret that Alex has been keeping from Isa comes out, he wants to start racing, and has bought a specific car for it. Isa is afraid that his racing will take him away from her, by him getting hurt. She finally gives in and allows him to race, but gives him conditions to be able to do it. The number one condition being that he always comes home to her.... Sadly, while practicing one day, a storm hits, and lighting strikes the track causing Alex to get into an accident.

Him getting hurt DESTROYED me.... While he is in the hospital, Jesse shows up to tell Isa that he is there for her, if she needs him.

Alex ends up partially paralyzed and is wheelchair bound when he is finally released from the hospital. Isa remains the amazing wife, trying to be by his side, but Alex feels like he is too much of a burden....and asks for a divorce.

I thought my heart was going to fall out of my chest, my eyes burned from crying so much, and I wasn't sure how I would be able to go on and finish the book.

Isa becomes a person trying to cope with the loss of her marriage. She finds comfort in the friendship of Jesse (who has left his fiance, in hopes that he can rekindle his relationship with Isa) And she finds comfort in the bed of another man, Luke. She turns to this dark place to numb the pain of losing Alex, the only true love that she has ever had. I was not very happy with the path that Isa was taking, but could understand why.

"I lost my soul because of you, Alex, and I don't know how to get it back."

'For the longest time, I thought that love meant staying and persevering. Today, I know that love is living, giving, believing and letting go. Sometimes it even takes twelve years for you to question whether or not you ever really had it.'

'a lock secured in place is like a heart that never gives up. It stays steadfast and strong and it holds on through adversity and strife, knowing that its sole purpose is to keep and preserve what is essential and disregard and leave out what is irrelevant.'

I will not say how the books ends, but I will say that it tested every emotion that I have. 

Five beautiful, get your tissues ready STARS

I'm so glad that I read these books by Christine, and will recommend them to everyone!

Amazon - The Light In The Wound
Amazon - His Wounded Light

Conflicted Love Release Day Blitz

Conflicted Love
Book #2 Needle's Kiss Series


(Conflicted Love is book #2 in the Needle's Kiss series and should be read AFTER Tattered Love to fully grasp the story.)

Trip’s life motto is simple: get in, get off, get out. His lifestyle works for him, that is until he finds himself in an unexpected situation with the one girl he can't seem to get out of his mind.

Teeny has been strong for too long. One amazing crazy night, with her best friend's cocky colleague, leaves her with more than just unwanted feelings and cravings she just can’t seem to quench.

She's knocked up.

He's freaked out. 

Life is about to get crazy for two people who can't stand to be close, yet can't seem to pull apart. Tension and confusion turn into mood swings and midnight snacks. How can things ever go back to simple times when every direction leads to chaos?

Purchase Links


I threw my leg over my bike and started for her. The streetlight out front was busted, causing the place to be darker than normal. There was just enough light that as I walked behind her, I could see her sexy little ass encased in those prissy jeans she always wore. I caught up to her at the bottom of the stairs and reached out to grab her arm before she made it any further. Next thing I knew, Teen spun, her fist flying right into my nose; at the same time, she drove her knee up into my groin, dropping me like a sack of shit to the ground.

“F*ckkkkkkkk” I moaned, cupping my junk, rolling up onto my knees, and trying to get my breath back. Pain shot up into my stomach with each attempt.

“Oh, it’s just you.” Teeny breathed hard. I looked up at her through narrowed eyes.

“Oh, it’s just…F*ck, Princess. What the hell’d you do that for?” I wheezed.

“Well, you deserved it. You don’t sneak up behind a chick and expect not to get hit. Now, get up, dipshit. You’re making a scene,” she hissed, looking around the complex.

Needle's Kiss Series
by Lola Stark

Book #1 
Tattered Love


When ex-Special Ops bad-ass Mace walks into Needle's Kiss tattoo parlour, he never expected to find the girl who would turn his life upside down.

Hard as nails Scarlett has been unlucky in love: she’s been burnt, chewed up and spat out. Reluctant to have another relationship, can she keep her wits about her when hot-as-sin Mace walks into her tattoo parlor? Or will he break her down and leave his mark within her ink?

What starts out as a little fun, turns into something so much more.

Can Scarlett look beyond Mace's devastating past or will his demons come back to haunt them both?

Content warning: contains steamy, anywhere-goes sex, an alcohol induced embarrassing night out and two headstrong lovers taken on a whirlwind of crazy.

Purchase Links

About the Author

Lola Stark lives in Australia. Is an at home mummy with no filter raising a hoard of minions and a husband who sometimes appears not to have grown up. Lola has loved to read for as long as she can remember. When not wrangling the family she can be found sitting at her computer , writing, facebooking or just generally messing around.

Connect with Lola Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter


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Spotlight Sabrina Samples

My name is Sabrina Samples. I was born in August 1988.  My first book Wicked Souls is on sale now and I am now in the planning stages of book 2 called Hidden Secrets (Spring 2014).
I am 25 years old. I live in Cleveland, Ohio. I have a loving husband and a beautiful 6 year old daughter. I spend most of my time running around and playing with her. In my free time I love to read, write, play video games and Dungeons&Dragons.
I have always loved writing. When I was younger I would write random short stories and poems. Finally I began to get serious about writing, so I started writing longer stories. I got the idea to try to get my work published In December of 2012. I found a reliable company and began to write my first book Wicked Souls.
I plan on making Wicked Souls a series of three books. Then after that I am considering writing a sci-fi series and from there, who knows.
Contact info:
·         Website:

·         Email:

This story begins with the marriage of Spencer to the man of her dreams David. It's a brief marriage as the newlyweds suffer a car crash that has fatal consequences. Spencer is plagued by visions of a man in white and continually hears his voice but her grief over the loss of her beloved David is only the beginning of her problems. Pretty soon the strange man called Aiden convinces her that David and the life they shared was a sham. Spencer's life and memories have been altered to protect her and those in heaven. Yes, heaven is real ! Angels and demons will feature heavily in Spencer's life and she's in more danger than she ever dreamed.
Struggling to come to terms with so much change around her Spencer can only hope that the choices she now makes will be the right ones. She's not the ordinary human she believed and her very existence puts heaven at risk. Who can she trust and how can she survive? And just who is the man she's meant to be with?

Wicked Souls Excerpt:
I awaken the next morning to the sounds of Aiden talking. My mind slowly catches words here and there. I finally get up when I hear mention of Vetis. I wrap my robe around me and walk into the hallway.
"I will make sure we are there soon." Aiden says to the figure standing in the doorway.  The figure nods and turns to leave. Aiden turns to walk back towards the room and is startled to see me standing here. "I was just coming to wake you up. We have been summoned by Gabriel."
"What is going on?"
"They moved Vetis' execution to an hour from now. He wants you to be there for it." I nod and walk back to the bedroom to get dressed. Aiden follows me and stands in the doorway as I rifle through my close trying to find something to wear. "Spencer, take a second to relax. I know this is a big deal, but I don't want you to fall apart. If you don't think you can handle the execution I will inform Gabriel."
"I can handle it. I just need to find something to wear. What do you wear to an execution?" I ramble as I continue throwing clothes to the side.
"Anything will do." He says walking over and kneeling next to me. "How about this?" he holds up a blue button down shirt and a pair of jeans. I take the clothes and walk to the bathroom to get dressed.
Once I am dressed and ready to leave, I walk out of the bathroom to see Aiden sitting on the bed dressed and waiting for me with a smile.
"Gabriel is waiting. We should go." I say quietly as I move towards the door. Aiden walks behind me quietly as we move through the hallways. The walk seems to pass quickly and before I know it we are standing before the door to the dungeons. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. Aiden twines his fingers with mine and opens the door.
Before us stands a crowd of people, none of which I recognize. Aiden gives my hand a squeeze and we walk into the room. The walls are made of stone and it is slightly colder in here then it was in the hallway. The room is lit by torches hanging on the walls. The crowd is silently speaking to one another as we move through them. At the very back of the room I see Gabriel speaking to a figure in black armor. As we move closer I hear the figure begin to speak, but stops as soon as he sees us. Gabriel looks over to me and smiles. Aiden and I walk up to the two men.
"Spencer, Aiden, I am glad you were able to make it. Let me introduce you to Abaddon. He is going to perform the execution for us."  Gabriel begins once we make it over to him.
I look at Abaddon closer and realize his skin is made of molten rock, his armor holds the pattern of a skull at his waist and two skulls at his ankles, all of which look to be demonic. My eyes now fall to the axe in his hand. The handle is black steel; the head has a sliver blade at one end and what looks to be another demonic skull at the other end. From the mouth and eyes of the skull are continuous flames. My eyes are drawn back to the face of the man, which is hidden behind a black hood, as he begins to speak. His voice is low and gravelly
"You have been called here to witness the execution of Vetis the demon." He booms to the crowd. "I have been appointed executioner on this day."
"The time has come for the execution to be carried out," Gabriel says. "If you would all make your way into the chambers, we can begin."
Everyone begins to make their way into the chamber where a stone block stands in the middle of the room. Everyone gathers around the block and looks to Gabriel and Abaddon who are now standing next to it.
"David, please bring in the prisoner." Gabriel says. Everyone turns to the door on the far wall as it opens. David walks out pulling Vetis behind him. Vetis looks pale and scared as he is lead to the center of the room. "Vetis, before you are executed, is there any final words you wish to speak?"
"Yes," he hisses as his eyes find mine. "This is not the end. Another will rise in my shadow. Celebrate your victory now, for it will be short lived." He begins to smile and his eyes turn black. He kneels down in front of the stone and looks to Abaddon who steps forward and he looks to Gabriel to give the final signal. When he does, Abaddon lifts his axe and swings it down on Vetis' neck. The crowd around me flinches as the blood spurts from the now lifeless body as it slumps to the floor. I close my eyes and feel Aiden at my side.
"It's over now," He whispers in my ear.
"You heard Vetis, it is never truly over. There will always be another who will rise up and take control of Hell." I say as I turn to look at him.
"And that is why you must lead Heaven one day to ensure that Hell will be gone forever." He kisses me "Now, let's go get the rest of your memories back."

Due to release in summer of 2014
Spencer continues to find her place as General in the war against Hell. But when secrets come to light she will begin to fear the worst. Will she lose those closest to her as she fights to remain true to her?

Hidden Secrets Excerpt:
As the echo of someone walking came to me, I was taking in the room where I was standing. Before me stood an empty stone room with a single window facing a lake of fire off in the distance to the right and straight ahead of me sat the gates of Hell on a platform above a set of rocky stairs. At the base of the stairs stood a pair of robed statues standing fifteen feet high, the red glow of their eyes was the only thing you could see from under the shadow of their hoods. They were holding intricately carved blades before them. I steadied my now shaking hands by sliding them into the pockets of my jeans. “What have I gotten myself into?” I thought to myself. I turned just as He entered the room. I felt his eyes on me as I took in his size. He stood over seven feet tall, his body the color of smoldering embers. As he hunched to make it in the doorway I caught the sight of his black horns as they protruded from his temples. He straightened and walked to stand next to me, both of us peering out the window at the scene before us. The gate into Hell slowly began to open and the dead poured onto the stairs. They walked in a cluster to the base of the lake where they stood and looked out into the fire. With their backs turned to us I could not see what they were doing.
“They are so obedient, the damned.” The demon began “They know what their place in in this world.”
“What are they doing?”
“They are confessing their sins before Lucifer.” The demon nodded towards the lake.
“Lucifer is in the lake?” I leaned closer to the window trying to look for him.
“No, it is said that Lucifer is the fire that burns within hell itself.”
“I don’t understand, is Lucifer real then?”
“Why exactly are you here?” He said, obviously annoyed with me.
“General Bael, I have seen how this war ends and I am only ensuring that I am on the winning side when the smoke clears.”
“That makes you a traitor to your kind. How can I trust you to be loyal to me when you cannot even be loyal to your own?” he paused for a second. “We cannot afford another failure in this war. Our initial attack did not do as well as we planned. Hell lost one of its greatest generals that day. We lost our element of surprise and I intend to have it back. That is why I am going to give you a chance.” He eyed me with a feral smile.
 “I have no loyalties to Heaven. My heart was once among the angels, but no longer. I am yours to command, General.”
“Whatever the reason for why you stand here before me is of no consequence, as long as you are being true to your word. But there is only one way to be sure of this. You will stoke the powers within Heaven’s beloved general that were planted inside of her by the demon Vetis.”
“How do you expect me to do that?”
“For now just know that you only need to nudge her in the right direction. The powers have been dormant since Vetis’ death so she likely believes they are gone.”
“So what, I need to get her thinking about her powers again?”
“No, you need to put her in situations where she feels the need to use her powers. She already trusts your decisions; now use that to your advantage. I will contact you with how to proceed. Now go back to Heaven and wait for my message.” General Bael turned and walked toward the door, his thick tail swinging as he moved.
I stood at the window watching the damned working at the walls for a while. I was thinking of how I could possibly trick her into using her powers from a dead demon. As the day stretched on and my legs began to ache from standing, I decided it was time to go back to Heaven and set forth my plans. With a reluctant sigh I disappeared from the stone room and appeared in front of the court house

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Bloggers Give Back Holiday Giveaway 

For the 3rd Bloggers Give Back Giveaway, this time it is a Holiday Giveaway. To all of the followers and authors Thank you and Happy Holidays! 

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Blog tour Stop for Playing for keeps by Savanna Grey

Title: Playing For Keeps (The Morgan Brothers #2)
Series: The Morgan Brothers
Author: Savanna Grey
Release Date: December 6th, 3013
Playing for Keeps - Cover


In the game of love… Fun-loving and always the life of the party, Kevin Morgan isn’t looking for a serious relationship. His light-hearted, playful attitude attracts many a female, and he enjoys their company. That is until their beautiful eyes turn starry, and they start talking marriage and kids. He just hasn’t encountered that one person that would make him even consider heading down the road to potential matrimony until... Katy Martin comes to town for an extended stay with his best friend and sister-in-law, Tori. Like Kevin, Katy is focused on her career and isn’t searching for a long term relationship. Already friends, Katy and Kevin find themselves spending more and more time together. Their adventurous spirits prove to be more than compatible. They are combustible. More than a snowstorm is brewing as attraction draws them together and desire starts a fire of burning need. Will trust issues and her belief that Kevin is just out to win the game of conquest hold Katy back, or will Kevin be able to prove to her that he is playing for keeps this time? *NOTE: Even though this is the second book in the series, it can be read as a stand alone novel *
Playing For Keeps - Teaesr 5


“Is there anything you don’t get involved in, farm boy?” Katy’s hand came up to caress Kevin’s cheek. “I would love to go with you. And just for the record, you’re a pretty amazing guy.” Kevin’s arm came around her waist and pulled her to him. “For the record, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Before she could process his comment, his lips were on hers. It started out as a gentle assault but quickly became a full on tactical invasion, his tongue melding with hers. Somehow she had become pressed against the front door with his body pressed into hers. His warmth was intoxicating as his hands moved down her body and cupped her delectable derriere.  

~Buy Links~


Coming Home - Cover

~Meet the Author~

Wife and mother of three daughters and one son, life is never dull. I fell in love with the written word as a young girl. My enchantment with the act of falling in love was cemented after reading Pride and Prejudice in the 10th grade. I love being able to crawl inside a book as if I am a bystander watching it all unfold live. Now that’s a good book! My desire is to share my fictional friends with you so that they become your friends too! When you read my books, if you don’t end it by saying “Best Imaginary Friends EVER!” then I haven’t done what I set out to do.
Savanna GreyPlaying For Keeps - Teaser 1


$20 Amazon Gift Card
2 Signed Copies of Playing for Keeps (US Only)
3 eBooks of Playing for Keeps

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Cover reveal for Unwanted Stars by Melissa Brown

RELEASE DATE: February 3rd
It’s funny how the tiniest of things can change your life… an invitation, a simple kiss goodnight, a matchbook…
Auden Kelly is in need of a change.
She’s trading in her nine-to-five sales job for the adventure of a lifetime: a one year contract with a European tour company.
For one full year, Auden will get paid to see the world. What could be better? Her brother gives her a journal, instructing her to document all of her adventures as she travels from country to country. And that’s exactly what she does.
When a mysterious stranger enters her life, however, everything changes: her expectations, her priorities and her view of the world. And nothing for Auden will ever be the same.
Note: Although these books are part of a series, they do not need to be read in order

                                                                     (Book 1)

Ever since Daphne Harper graduated from college, all of her friends have fallen in love, become engaged and walked down the aisle. Be it a blessing or a curse, Daphne (a hopeless romantic and perpetual single girl) catches the bouquet at every single wedding she attends. 

Daphne’s love life is a mess. Her first love, Mayson, haunts her heart and keeps her from pursuing happiness with any man who comes along. As she struggles to move on from the one who got away, Daphne wonders if she will ever break her curse and find her happily ever after

                                                                     (Book 2)

Kate Armour and Evan Maxwell fell hard and fast for each other while attending college. Their once passionate and loving relationship ended when old scars eventually tore them apart. Two years after their breakup, they're each struggling to piece together what went wrong in an attempt to move forward. 

Kate, a no-nonsense bartender, must face her past while attempting to focus on her future. 

Evan is stifled by his bitter heart, which threatens each and every relationship he attempts after walking away from Kate. 

Will life offer them a second chance at love or are old patterns simply too hard to break?

                                                                      (Book 3)

ONLY $2.00

Hadley Foster has been through a lot in her twenty-two years: the death of her beloved father, her mother’s descent into mental illness, and the loss of her soulmate, Jason Kelly, from whom she walked away years ago.
Despite all this, Hadley has remained hopeful and optimistic about life. She has been with upstanding investment banker Tucker for six years, and the future looks bright—until a trip to Europe with her best friend brings a series of events no one could have foreseen. Suddenly the brilliant future she has envisioned for herself seems to shatter before her eyes. She is faced with a stark choice: move on again, or pick up the pieces.
Back home, nerdy but handsome Jason Kelly is now a successful writer who could have anything—and anyone—he wants. But deep down, he still misses his beloved “Haddie” and dreams of winning her back.
When destiny leads their paths to cross once more, Hadley and Jason must confront not only their painful past, but what the future may hold for them both.


I was distracted from my daydreaming by the most intense eyes I’ve ever seen. The were blue, the brightest blue. Although one of them had a patch of brown next to the pupil. Tan skin, blue eyes, dark brown hair. And a stare that made me uncomfortable.
I’d noticed him before. The first day of the tour, in fact. He reminded me of Henry Cavill. Broad shoulders, tight ass, bulging muscular arms and a gorgeous face. When he smiled, he had a boyish look about him, but when his lips were pressed tight, like when he was listening to Anabelle describe the sights, he looked like an alpha male. A hot, dangerous alpha male. I’d purposely avoided him because I didn’t want to give Anabelle any ammunition towards getting me fired. And now that I knew Tom had blabbed, I felt even more determined to keep my attraction in tact. I’d purposely stayed away. I hadn’t even heard his voice yet. Was he American? Canadian? British?
But, now he was staring and I couldn’t avoid him any longer.
“Auden, right?” he asked, offering me a fresh blueberry from a ziploc bag. I narrowed my eyes at him and his choice of snack. Here we were, in Amsterdam. He could buy a brownie laced with pot or a million different kinds of sweets. But, he was munching on blueberries.
“Thanks,” I said, grabbing a couple berries from the bag and popping them into my mouth. They were juicy and sweet. Almost intoxicating. 
Stop it, Auden.
“Have you worked here long? I’ve never seen you before.” It was then that I really heard his accent. British. Delicious.
“I’m new. But, why would you have seen me before?” I tilted my head in confusion.
“My mates and I like to take trips every few months. Blow off steam.” He said, popping another berry into his mouth. His lips were a gorgeous shade of peach. “And Jordan’s the best.”
“I see.” I said, pressing my lips together, not knowing what else to say. It wasn’t often that a man could get me tongue tied. But, it was happening. All I could focus on was the dimple on his right cheek when he smiled. And how his left eye had a small patch of brown within the blue.
“Unique name.”
“Huh?” He snapped me out of my daze. “Uh, yeah. I guess.”
“Don’t hear it very often.” He said.
It was then that I realized I didn’t know his. And it was my job to know it. How was I going to get out of this one?
“Campbell,” he said,“Campbell Hutchins.”
“Like the soup?” I said. As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew they were unprofessional. But, he simply laughed.
“Wow, never heard that before.” He said, running his fingers through his silky brown hair, “My friends call me Hutch.”
“Seriously?” I asked, taken aback.
“What do you mean?” He looked confused.
“As in Starsky & Hutch?” I pressed.
“You are way too young to know that reference.” He said, shaking his head from side to side.
“They made a movie reboot when I was in high school. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson…remember?”
“Right.” He said with a lopsided grin. He had such a boyish charm to his smile, it was unnerving.
“Besides, you don’t seem old enough to know the original show either. That was the seventies.” I narrowed my eyes at him. He could be in his early thirties, but there was no way he was old enough to have watched that show when it was on the air.
“Saw it in reruns.” He said with a shrug.
“Nice to meet you, Starsky.” I said with a smirk. He shook his head at me and extended his hand like the English gentleman that he was. I tried my best not to feel the electrical current coursing through every nerve in my body. This was a brand new sensation. Which is saying a lot considering my boy-crazy history. This was unique and terrifying and wonderfully exciting. “Sorry, I mean Hutch of course. So, Campbell…where’d your parents think of that one?”
“Do you always interrogate tour members about their names?” he asked with a chuckle. My cheeks turned pink when I realized I usually didn’t give a crap about people’s names or the origin of said names. But, he was different. It was like I needed to know anything I could learn about this handsome stranger.
“Just answer the question,” I said, flirting with a tilt of my head and arms crossed across my chest.
For a second, everything stopped as Campbell looked down at my feet. He smirked as his eyes climbed up my calf and to my thighs. They lingered there for just a second before continuing up to my torso, my chest and finally my face. When our eyes met, he grinned and I suddenly felt as naked as the day I was born.
“Tradition.” He answered. When I looked confused (because obviously I’d forgotten the question since he’d studied every inch of my body as if he wanted to devour me). “I’m named after my great grandfather. He was kind of a hero in my town.”
“Where are you from?”
“Um, no. Try again.”
“What do you mean?” he asked with a chuckle.
“I’m from the states, pal. I know when someone’s from Joi-zee and when they’re not. And you clearly are not. Where are you really from?”
He threw his beautiful head back in laughter, that dimple once again making a grand entrance on his cheek. Something twitched in my belly—desire, I think. Until I realized he was laughing at me.
“And you call yourself a tour guide? The island of Jersey…one of the Channel Islands…” His voice trailed off as he leaned his forehead in my direction. If he could read my mind, this is what it would say:
You know those moments when you really just want to crawl in a hole and forget your poor excuse for a life? Yeah, this was one of those moments. I could never get that moment back. I could never convince this gorgeous man that I was not only aware of the Channel Islands, but had probably been to one or two of them as a child. I just wanted to slink back to the tour bus and hide behind the seats. So not like me. I didn’t let men get under my skin. Hell, I got under their skin. Who was this guy?
“Uh--Of course,” I said, stumbling on my words. “I was just kidding.”
Just then, I was saved by another member of the tour. A mousy brain haired American girl named Becca.
“Excuse me, Auden. Anabelle needs you.”
Thank God.
“I’d better, um…go,” I said.
“Until we meet again,” he said with a chuckle.
Not if I can help it. The next three weeks would be agony if I had to dodge that gorgeous man every time our bus made a stop. Lord, beer me strength.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

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Happy Holidays and Happy Reading
~Sav, Dee, Suz, Leia and Claire

Blog tour stop and review for Infinte Desire by Danielle Jamie

Title: Infinite Desire
Series: Savannah Series #4
Author: Danielle Jamie
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Age Group: Adult 
Release date~ November 29 2013
Hosted By~ Scandalous Book Blog (Scandalous Promotions)
Over the last several months, Savannah's life has been a never-ending roller coaster ride. Every time Savannah sees the light at the end of the tunnel and her world stops spinning, another obstacle is thrown in her path. Kayden had always been her rock, the constant in her life over the most difficult months of her life. A story leaked, making Savannah doubt everything including Kayden's love. Leaving their fate hanging in the balance, she ran. But after learning the truth, Savannah set out to correct her wrongs and win Kayden back. Will Kayden put the past behind them, and focus on the future they could have together? Or will Savannah be heartbroken and all alone again? Savannah thought their love was infinite and indestructible. After everything they've been through, how can they wade through the past and believe in their love? Will Savannah and Kayden get their happily every after, or will the past jeopardize their future? Only a special kind of love can survive the trials and tribulations life tosses in your way. Is Kayden and Savannah's love strong enough to make it through the strongest of storms? Only time will tell.


I let Kayden’s words sink in. I’ve come so far from where I was all those months ago, but I still have so many fears. I can’t let what happened define me. I need to face my fears and overcome them. With Kayden by my side, it’s not so scary. 

“Okay, fine. I’ll shoot at the target one time. And then we’re heading back to the house, so you can watch football, drink beer and burp until your heart’s content.”

With a look of accomplishment on his face, Kayden walks with me towards the spot he was standing a few minutes ago.

Standing beside me, Kayden helps me position the gun properly. It’s powerful so I brace myself; the last thing I want is to shoot and end up on my ass with a dislocated shoulder. 
I take in a long, shaky breath and slowly blow it out clearing my mind as I try to get into the moment. I used to love this and with time, I hope to again. 
“You can do it. Just push away all that negative shit in your head and have fun.” Kayden’s words are comforting and help me relax. He presses a quick kiss to my cheek, gives me a tap on the ass and backs away to give me space.
Glancing at him out of the corner of my eye I flash him a small smile, even while I’m holding a loaded gun, he starts frisking me. I laugh to myself, as I focus my attention back on the target.
I close my eyes and focus on my breathing and the sounds around me. My hands slowly stop shaking and I feel a calm settle over me. Opening my eyes I focus on the target and pull the trigger. 
I jerk back as the bullet shoots out at lightning speed and nails the target dead center. I’m overwhelmed by the adrenalin coursing through my body, and am shocked when I feel a tear sliding down my cheek.
Running at me Kayden scoops me up in his arms, sporting the biggest grin, “Ya did it! Damn what a shot!” His features swiftly change as he spots the tears in my eyes, “What’s wrong, baby? Why ya cryin’?” The pain in his words shreds me.
Cupping his face, I smile up at him through my watery eyes, “These are good tears Kayden. Believe me, I’m happy. It’s just overwhelming is all; thank you for convincing me to do this, it’s exactly what I needed.”
My Review
Danielle Jamie does it again ladies! She does such an amazing job at putting you there inside her story. Her writing is amazing and at times breathtaking. I LOVED the first 3 books of this series but this one takes the cake y'all. I fell in love with Savannah and Kayden all over again. They face so many trials and tribulation and ALWAYS come out on top. Kayden and Savannah share a special kind of love and like I said you can feel it. Danielle puts her all into these books and it shows. Savannah showed massive growth and maturity in this book and Kayden *sigh* my sweet Kayden, he took my heart and ran with it in this book. I don't want to spoil this book for anyone. I will say I had many tears and then I cried just because I was done. I am definitely sufferring from a book hangover. I'm gonna miss Kayden and Savannah so much! Beautiful story written by a beautiful woman y'all seriously go read this series and fall in love like I did! 5 WONDERFUL STARS TO DANIELLE JAMIE!

Amazon Bestselling Author and a mother of 3 wonderful kids. Madison 9 Bailey 5 and Finn 2. I run a successful online boutique, Bailey Booper’s Boutique; many of my items featured on Teen Mom 2. I live in a small town in NY with my husband of 10 years, enjoying my happily ever after. My perfect day is spending time at the beach, I love the Ocean. I’m an outdoorsy type of girl; every chance I get I’m outside walking or running around with my kids.
I have been writing for as long as I can remember but I finally decide to peruse my dreams of sharing my stories with the world when I published my first Novel Irresistible Desire back in March 2013.