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Spotlight Sabrina Samples

My name is Sabrina Samples. I was born in August 1988.  My first book Wicked Souls is on sale now and I am now in the planning stages of book 2 called Hidden Secrets (Spring 2014).
I am 25 years old. I live in Cleveland, Ohio. I have a loving husband and a beautiful 6 year old daughter. I spend most of my time running around and playing with her. In my free time I love to read, write, play video games and Dungeons&Dragons.
I have always loved writing. When I was younger I would write random short stories and poems. Finally I began to get serious about writing, so I started writing longer stories. I got the idea to try to get my work published In December of 2012. I found a reliable company and began to write my first book Wicked Souls.
I plan on making Wicked Souls a series of three books. Then after that I am considering writing a sci-fi series and from there, who knows.
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This story begins with the marriage of Spencer to the man of her dreams David. It's a brief marriage as the newlyweds suffer a car crash that has fatal consequences. Spencer is plagued by visions of a man in white and continually hears his voice but her grief over the loss of her beloved David is only the beginning of her problems. Pretty soon the strange man called Aiden convinces her that David and the life they shared was a sham. Spencer's life and memories have been altered to protect her and those in heaven. Yes, heaven is real ! Angels and demons will feature heavily in Spencer's life and she's in more danger than she ever dreamed.
Struggling to come to terms with so much change around her Spencer can only hope that the choices she now makes will be the right ones. She's not the ordinary human she believed and her very existence puts heaven at risk. Who can she trust and how can she survive? And just who is the man she's meant to be with?

Wicked Souls Excerpt:
I awaken the next morning to the sounds of Aiden talking. My mind slowly catches words here and there. I finally get up when I hear mention of Vetis. I wrap my robe around me and walk into the hallway.
"I will make sure we are there soon." Aiden says to the figure standing in the doorway.  The figure nods and turns to leave. Aiden turns to walk back towards the room and is startled to see me standing here. "I was just coming to wake you up. We have been summoned by Gabriel."
"What is going on?"
"They moved Vetis' execution to an hour from now. He wants you to be there for it." I nod and walk back to the bedroom to get dressed. Aiden follows me and stands in the doorway as I rifle through my close trying to find something to wear. "Spencer, take a second to relax. I know this is a big deal, but I don't want you to fall apart. If you don't think you can handle the execution I will inform Gabriel."
"I can handle it. I just need to find something to wear. What do you wear to an execution?" I ramble as I continue throwing clothes to the side.
"Anything will do." He says walking over and kneeling next to me. "How about this?" he holds up a blue button down shirt and a pair of jeans. I take the clothes and walk to the bathroom to get dressed.
Once I am dressed and ready to leave, I walk out of the bathroom to see Aiden sitting on the bed dressed and waiting for me with a smile.
"Gabriel is waiting. We should go." I say quietly as I move towards the door. Aiden walks behind me quietly as we move through the hallways. The walk seems to pass quickly and before I know it we are standing before the door to the dungeons. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. Aiden twines his fingers with mine and opens the door.
Before us stands a crowd of people, none of which I recognize. Aiden gives my hand a squeeze and we walk into the room. The walls are made of stone and it is slightly colder in here then it was in the hallway. The room is lit by torches hanging on the walls. The crowd is silently speaking to one another as we move through them. At the very back of the room I see Gabriel speaking to a figure in black armor. As we move closer I hear the figure begin to speak, but stops as soon as he sees us. Gabriel looks over to me and smiles. Aiden and I walk up to the two men.
"Spencer, Aiden, I am glad you were able to make it. Let me introduce you to Abaddon. He is going to perform the execution for us."  Gabriel begins once we make it over to him.
I look at Abaddon closer and realize his skin is made of molten rock, his armor holds the pattern of a skull at his waist and two skulls at his ankles, all of which look to be demonic. My eyes now fall to the axe in his hand. The handle is black steel; the head has a sliver blade at one end and what looks to be another demonic skull at the other end. From the mouth and eyes of the skull are continuous flames. My eyes are drawn back to the face of the man, which is hidden behind a black hood, as he begins to speak. His voice is low and gravelly
"You have been called here to witness the execution of Vetis the demon." He booms to the crowd. "I have been appointed executioner on this day."
"The time has come for the execution to be carried out," Gabriel says. "If you would all make your way into the chambers, we can begin."
Everyone begins to make their way into the chamber where a stone block stands in the middle of the room. Everyone gathers around the block and looks to Gabriel and Abaddon who are now standing next to it.
"David, please bring in the prisoner." Gabriel says. Everyone turns to the door on the far wall as it opens. David walks out pulling Vetis behind him. Vetis looks pale and scared as he is lead to the center of the room. "Vetis, before you are executed, is there any final words you wish to speak?"
"Yes," he hisses as his eyes find mine. "This is not the end. Another will rise in my shadow. Celebrate your victory now, for it will be short lived." He begins to smile and his eyes turn black. He kneels down in front of the stone and looks to Abaddon who steps forward and he looks to Gabriel to give the final signal. When he does, Abaddon lifts his axe and swings it down on Vetis' neck. The crowd around me flinches as the blood spurts from the now lifeless body as it slumps to the floor. I close my eyes and feel Aiden at my side.
"It's over now," He whispers in my ear.
"You heard Vetis, it is never truly over. There will always be another who will rise up and take control of Hell." I say as I turn to look at him.
"And that is why you must lead Heaven one day to ensure that Hell will be gone forever." He kisses me "Now, let's go get the rest of your memories back."

Due to release in summer of 2014
Spencer continues to find her place as General in the war against Hell. But when secrets come to light she will begin to fear the worst. Will she lose those closest to her as she fights to remain true to her?

Hidden Secrets Excerpt:
As the echo of someone walking came to me, I was taking in the room where I was standing. Before me stood an empty stone room with a single window facing a lake of fire off in the distance to the right and straight ahead of me sat the gates of Hell on a platform above a set of rocky stairs. At the base of the stairs stood a pair of robed statues standing fifteen feet high, the red glow of their eyes was the only thing you could see from under the shadow of their hoods. They were holding intricately carved blades before them. I steadied my now shaking hands by sliding them into the pockets of my jeans. “What have I gotten myself into?” I thought to myself. I turned just as He entered the room. I felt his eyes on me as I took in his size. He stood over seven feet tall, his body the color of smoldering embers. As he hunched to make it in the doorway I caught the sight of his black horns as they protruded from his temples. He straightened and walked to stand next to me, both of us peering out the window at the scene before us. The gate into Hell slowly began to open and the dead poured onto the stairs. They walked in a cluster to the base of the lake where they stood and looked out into the fire. With their backs turned to us I could not see what they were doing.
“They are so obedient, the damned.” The demon began “They know what their place in in this world.”
“What are they doing?”
“They are confessing their sins before Lucifer.” The demon nodded towards the lake.
“Lucifer is in the lake?” I leaned closer to the window trying to look for him.
“No, it is said that Lucifer is the fire that burns within hell itself.”
“I don’t understand, is Lucifer real then?”
“Why exactly are you here?” He said, obviously annoyed with me.
“General Bael, I have seen how this war ends and I am only ensuring that I am on the winning side when the smoke clears.”
“That makes you a traitor to your kind. How can I trust you to be loyal to me when you cannot even be loyal to your own?” he paused for a second. “We cannot afford another failure in this war. Our initial attack did not do as well as we planned. Hell lost one of its greatest generals that day. We lost our element of surprise and I intend to have it back. That is why I am going to give you a chance.” He eyed me with a feral smile.
 “I have no loyalties to Heaven. My heart was once among the angels, but no longer. I am yours to command, General.”
“Whatever the reason for why you stand here before me is of no consequence, as long as you are being true to your word. But there is only one way to be sure of this. You will stoke the powers within Heaven’s beloved general that were planted inside of her by the demon Vetis.”
“How do you expect me to do that?”
“For now just know that you only need to nudge her in the right direction. The powers have been dormant since Vetis’ death so she likely believes they are gone.”
“So what, I need to get her thinking about her powers again?”
“No, you need to put her in situations where she feels the need to use her powers. She already trusts your decisions; now use that to your advantage. I will contact you with how to proceed. Now go back to Heaven and wait for my message.” General Bael turned and walked toward the door, his thick tail swinging as he moved.
I stood at the window watching the damned working at the walls for a while. I was thinking of how I could possibly trick her into using her powers from a dead demon. As the day stretched on and my legs began to ache from standing, I decided it was time to go back to Heaven and set forth my plans. With a reluctant sigh I disappeared from the stone room and appeared in front of the court house

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