Wednesday, April 8, 2015

BOOK REVIEW - April Snow by A.L Goulden

April Snow ( August Fog #3)
by A.L. Goulden
Book Description:Quinn has a secret, Jack has a stalking problem, and Alex has a plan that doesn’t include signing divorce papers. In the last nine months Monica has embraced the spectacular devastation of an unpredictable lust and unexpected love. She’s made one terrible decision after another in the wake of meeting Quinn Matthews and spiraled into someone she doesn’t even recognize. But the fog is lifting, and she’s becoming the only one able to see things clearly. Monica finally knows what she wants, where she’s heading, and in who’s arms she’ll be in when she gets there.
Through a provocative affair and devastating separation Monica Waters has tried to grasp her desire and love for two men. This spring, her love will be tested once more in the finale of this emotionally charged and sexually explosive series.

Amanda’s Rating: 3 stars
I was really excited to read this book because the description intrigued me. I received all 3 books but am only reviewing book 3. I read all 3 books and have am glad I did because I would have been lost if I only read book 3.
Now onto my review… This book is well written however the story seemed so dragged out and I felt many scenes were not necessary. I felt like the author was just trying to make the book longer and all I wanted as a reader was for her to get to the meat of the story. I also have to say that I like sex scenes as much as the next reader however there were a ton in this book and it got really old. It was unrealistic and not needed to make this book. I wanted her to just write about the characters and how they were moving forward. The book was just ok for me but I don’t like to give less than 3 stars since I understand the authors work extremely hard and just because a book doesn’t float my boat doesn’t mean others won’t enjoy it.
When this book starts Monica and Quinn are together and trying to continue to build their relationship. It seems like Quinn is perfect but Monica has made mistakes and she is trying to fix them. She is working on her relationships with her friends and she knows she needs to work hard to fix them.
The story takes you to different locations and here are still bumps in the road. Quinn and Monica do their best to stay strong but it’s hard when Quinn has a secret and Monica seems to still have feelings for Alex. Monica also knows Quinn has a secret and takes forever to call him out on it. This made me crazy since I read the first 2 books and this was a pattern for Monica to just push things aside and not deal with them and she seemed to be making no effort to change it. Yet this book is supposed to be about her changing. I wish she would just have been honest and asked him about it. She found out fairly early in the book and honestly all I wanted to know was how she was going to handle it and what the secret was. It took her so long to finally confront Quinn about the secret and when she finally did there really wasn’t any climax. It was just talked about and they moved on. No time away to deal with the fact he lied to her. She just listened to him and moved on. Considering the secret was pretty large one would think she would ask more questions or at least take time to process what she was told. But none of that happened and it just showed me that Monica in my opinion did not change at all.
I also felt like Alex was just dropped and he was a huge part of the characters journey. Since Monica and Quinn get their HEA why didn’t Alex. He just popped in every now and again and was gone. I was hoping he would actually fight hard for Monica but alas that never happened. The description said he had a plan but from what I read it wasn't really a plan that was developed. If he was fighting for his wife one would think he would really try harder. He did one or two things but that was it. I wonder if the author is going to give him his own book or maybe even give Robin a book since I felt like her story could be a amazing book. She was a character I wish was around more!
Overall I felt like this book had great potential but just didn’t work for me

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