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Review - One night, One more night, and Forever Night by A.M Willard

Review for One Night, One More Night, and Forever Night by A.M. Willard

Book #1:
Angela Stephens is happy isn't she? She's married and has the career she's always wanted. Traveling the world has always been Angela's dream, but what happens when the distance between her and Christopher is put to the test. Will Angela give in to one night of pure bliss with a stranger?
Book #2:
Can Angela save her marriage? Does she want to? Will her one night with Logan Black be just that, or will he find his way into her heart? What secrets is Christopher keeping from her? Is it too late for Angela to have it all? Will she find true happiness and love, along with the family she has always yearned for?
Book #3:
All Angela Stephens ever wanted was a career, a faithful husband and a family. When her heart was shattered, Logan Black swooped in to pick up the pieces.

Does a marriage full of secrets and lies hold Angela back from her one true love?

Logan Black has it all, but when he met Angela Stephens he realized what was missing.
Will Angela be able to tame the ultimate playboy?

Will Logan and Angela chose a Forever Night


I absolutely loved this series. Luckily I read the first two just in time for the third to come out, so there was no wait time! The first two books in the series are on the shorter side but I loved them all the same. The third book was quite a bit longer than the others. I loved all three. In the beginning, my heart hurt for Angela. She wanted to have it all and quickly learns that it isn't possible for her. She was dealt a different hand. Angela is strong and independent in the business world. She has her own company and has been quite successful. Her and her amazing assistant, Tabitha, are the only two running the business. Basically, what she does, is go into high end hotels and experience them as though she is a regular guest, then report back to the boss and tell them what's wrong and suggest what needs to be done to correct any problems. Sort of like spying on the employees and reporting any issues that may be causing the hotel to lose money. Angela is very professional and handles her business like a boss. In contrast to her business side, she is weak when it comes to Christopher and their marriage. She feels in her heart that things have changed, but in the beginning she can't quite put her finger on it. Angela and Christopher seem like complete strangers and not the married couple they used to be. Later on in the book, Angela finds out why things between them have changed and what Christopher is hiding and she knows then and there that her happily ever after has just been snatched away from her. In comes the sexy Mr. Logan Black, CEO of the 5 star hotel Angela just inspected. She didn't know who he really was when she first met him, but Ooooo does she find out, but only after their 'One Night.'

 He just walked in her life at the perfect time. He lifts Angela back up to the woman she is meant to be. There is so much love and passion between these two, it's hard to believe that he's this playboy everyone keeps saying he is. He is AMAZING! I heart Logan Black! Tabitha is the best assistant in the world. She holds down the fort when Angela is out of town. She is also Angela's best friend, and let me tell you, she loves her friend fiercely. Tabitha has Angela's back all the way. When Christopher hurt her, Tabitha was right there picking up the pieces. Well, that is, after Mr. Black made Angela want to be put back together.

Tabitha eventually moves up in the ranks and they bring a third employee into the story. Angela's company is perfect now. Christopher tries to ruin everything and Logan asks Angela for more. Want to know what happened? Head over to Amazon and download them! Right now, book 1 is .99, book 2 is .99, and book 3 is $2.99. They are worth it. Really good books!
This series was beautiful. I laughed so hard I cried and I cried so hard it hurt. I give this series 4.5 stars.
P.S. There are some grammatical and punctuation errors in the third book. If you are a grammar freak, and just can't look past it, then I recommend not reading the last book. But, trust me, after reading the first two, there is no way you'll want to pass up book three, flaws and all.

~Review done by Tab~

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