Monday, July 28, 2014

Review - Unintentional Virgin by AJ Bennett

Karma Points is cursed. Cursed with a stupid name and the inability to lose her virginity. She's on a mission to lose her virginity before she turns twenty if it's the last thing she does.

One night, her good friend Eva brings her to an underground club where Karma meets a tattooed bouncer. He’s far from the clean-cut type she normally falls for, which makes her think this finally might be the night she crosses the threshold of womanhood.

Excited, she goes home with the bouncer named Jax and as always, her dreams crash down once again. Jax cannot believe she is willing to give away her virginity to a stranger she met at a club. As the only son with five sisters and a widowed mom, he can't morally go through with it, even though he's never been more tempted in his life.

Unwilling to let her walk away he strikes a deal. Karma has to spend three weeks dating him and then decide if she wants to have sex or walk away.

Sav's Review

This book was an easy quick read. To say I loved it would be a stretch. Although there were parts that I did rather enjoy. Karma decides to go on a mission. She wants to lose her virginity, finally but it turns out not to be as easy as she thinks it's going to be..

I actually found Karma to be childish and obnoxious, her character bugged me to no end. Leaving dishes everywhere and pizza boxes piling up and she is twenty years old so in my opinion she should have been a whole lot more mature. Also I might add that her relationship with her dad kinda got on my nerves, normally I love reading about the bonding of parent and child in books but somethings a girl shouldn't tell her daddy, like the fact that she wants to look like a slut to lose her virginity. So yeah that creeped me out a little.

Karma and her friend decide to go out and party so Karma can find a man to lose her virginity too. While out, she meets Jax. Oh Jax is my absolute favorite part of this book. He is absolutely amazing and everything you could hope for in a book boyfriend. But there is one problem. Jax doesn't want to take her virginity so he comes up with a plan to ensure he got to know Karma better before taking her virginity. Things do get interesting but you'll have to read to find out how. As always these are solely my opinions so try it out for yourself!

This was a fast paced book but it just wasn't for me. While enjoyable, I found some parts very cheesy and predictable and Karma herself made it hard for me to love. Overall I give this book 3 Stars!!!

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