Monday, June 23, 2014

Review - Fear for Hire by Natalie S Ellis

Jack Wylie is tall, dark, handsome and brave - he's everything you'd want in a kidnapper. Ex-cop Jack Wylie is a born protector, tormented by the day he misjudged a criminal and his life took a tragic turn. Now he's on a mission to kidnap a woman to help her overcome a fear of being tied up. He's been told by his psychologist brother to keep up the game until the woman gives him the sign. But there has been a big mistake. Jack has accidentally abducted the feisty and beautiful Molly Rhoades - a newly arrived local TV reporter who has secrets of her own. And she doesn't know the sign. After a dangerous and unlikely meeting, Jack and Molly find themselves consumed by sexual tension, but things get even more complicated when Molly finds out that Jack is engaged to the local Councilwoman Amanda Everett, a ruthless career climber determined to succeed no matter what the cost. But why did Jack kidnap Molly in the first place? Who is pulling the strings in this perverted puppet show? Jack vows to protect Molly until he finds out the truth, but the layers of deception and vengeance run deeper than he could have ever imagined.

This book to me, started out really good and full of promise. It had everything, suspense, angst, it was all there. Former cop Jack gets asked to help a woman overcome her fear of being abducted. He is hesitant at first because he is a good man and kidnapping a woman, even at her request just seems wrong to him.

He finds out that the woman he kidnapped is in fact NOT THE RIGHT WOMAN. Well that is when shit gets real. Jack is being set up but by who? 

The story doesn't end there- we find out that Molly (the lady who was kidnapped) is actually a reporter and is planning this huge break through story on her abduction and her beautiful abductor. I was constantly wondering what, who, why and I was a ball of nerves with all the unanswered questions.

Sadly, the book started to get a little slow for me. It was not bad but I wanted more from it I guess. More shock and more wow moments that I didn't get. I did kind of guess the who the "bad guy" was and I guess I just wanted it to be shocking. 

Overall it was a good book but I think it had way more potential. I will read more from this author in the future and i give it 3 stars!

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