Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review of My Now & Forever by HJ Bellus

I hate to say that I ever doubt a book. But I also hate going into the book with a mindset that it is going to be EPIC, just to be let down. So, for the most part, especially with authors I don’t know – I tend to try and start the book with little to no expectation. And I absolutely love it when said book just surprises me and turns out to be such a fabulous read!!

My Now & Forever really surprised me.  I mean, what a FUN story!!

Amelia, or Milly, is 5 when her whole world is shattered and her horrible parents just leave her. They just up and leave. Gone. Poof. As a parent, this was really hard for me to read.  And my heart broke for this sweet little girl who was abandoned by the two people who are supposed to love her unconditionally.

But Milly is a fighter. She doesn’t give up.  Even after she is married to “The Bastard”. And oh is he ever a bastard.  Milly’s one saving grace is her mother-in-law (I know this shocked me too, married women!), Frances.  But after getting to know Frances, I can see exactly why she fell so in love with the woman. After a crazy turn of events, Milly ends up divorced (Hallelujah) and on the road to Colorado to start her new life.

Milly quickly develops a one of a kind friendship with a local Colorado girl, Lacey.  I absolutely loved their relationship.  It reminded me so much of my friendships with my girlfriends.  Let me just stop right here and say that this is what I loved most about this story….it was so real. I mean the goofy things the characters say.  The playing Uno and watching movies. Trips to Disneyland.  The random clumsiness. It just so real, so it was easy to relate to.

“Oh sorry, I need serviced,” I blurted. “I mean I need lubed,” was the next fucking brilliant thing that flew out my trap. I started shaking my head from side to side because that even sounded worse. Malcolm let out a slight chuckle and replied, “Are you trying to tell me that you require my services there, sweet pea?” I was totally and completely fucking embarrassed! "...'Oh yes, I am fine. I just decided to wrestle this door on top of a ladder in the middle of the day. I'm pretty sure the door won this round,' I replied coolly, while my insides were screaming and writhing in motherfucking pain."

Colorado is also where Milly catches the eye of our hot cowboy, Mr. Cree Fitzpatrick.  If you look up adorably swoon-worthy in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Cree Fitzpatrick.  The man is a gem! I fell in love with him so easily.  I mean, HELLO, not only is he a hot, manly cowboy….but the man is funny, sarcastic, romantic and he is an amazing father. Yes, you read that correctly, father. The man is just…*sigh*…..

“ ‘Do you want to know what I see when I look at these toes? I see the perfection that god created just for me. I see a creative and talented woman with the biggest heart that has ever walked this Earth. I see the woman that I am madly in love with. I see my Dolly who brightens every single one of my mornings with coffee,” he said in between kissing my toes 
Cree’s daughter, Annie was a highlight in the story for me.  She was absolutely precious!

Milly quickly finds her “family” in Lacey, Cree, Williow, Greyson and Annie. And it’s just beautiful. But Cree and Milly both have difficult pasts. And the hard thing about running away from your past is that it always catches up with you.  And when the past comes calling for Cree and Milly, things get rough.

This story was funny, quirky and full of life. There were times where some of the dialogue felt a little forced, or maybe out of place in certain scenes, but overall – this was a fantastic book and such an enjoyable read.

4 Fun – Loving Stars!! 

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