Sunday, August 25, 2013

Review for The Bitter End by Rue Volley

Talk about a sordid love affair!

This book is full of lies, deceit, greed, twists and turns!!

I’ve never read of a female character quite like Beth. To say she is a spoiled witch would be an understatement. Born into money and power, Beth has never wanted for any material thing her entire life. However, she has longed for the less tangible things like love, comfort and attention for so long that those needs have been replaced with a deeply ingrained bitterness. Her father is the epitome of the power hungry, egotistical, chauvinistic pig. Her entire life he was emotionally absent, both unavailable to Beth and her mother which led to her mother’s early death.

The only good thing in Beth’s life is her friend with benefits, Holland. They have been friends their whole lives. And Holland is the only person Beth has an inkling of feelings toward. 
Until she meets Ryan ”Endless”

Ryan is “from the other side of the tracks”. He doesn’t come from money. In fact, Ryan makes his money by using his good looks and insatiable sex drive to whore himself out to New York’s elite.

Ryan and Beth embark on a dark and twisted love affair. Their hate for each other fuels the passion they share. They share the same sadistic sexual appetite….which makes for some scenes which I’ve never reads the likes of.

The lies and deceit fueled by greed and power turn this story into a fast paced adventure.

There are points at which the story is hard to follow. The time gaps sometimes are not specified and you can find yourself getting lost or confused at times. I caught myself re-reading certain parts several times to make sure that I was following correctly.

Overall the story was a surprise, even though it was a little on the dark side.
I definitely never saw the ending coming!

3.5 twisted stars for Miss Rue Volley!

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