Thursday, October 8, 2015

Seizing Control by Kylie Hillman~ REVEIW


Hmmmm…..Where do I start??
First, I liked the book. I really did. There were times that I was biting my nails from the suspense…..BUT, there were times that I was rolling my eyes as well from the ridiculousness of some of the statements and scenes.
For instance, one of my biggest pet peeves in a book is when the heroine is described as pretty much the most beautiful book in the world. It especially irritates me when Lainey describes herself that way.
“I’m kind of naturally sexy looking and slightly Barbie-like” 
This line literally made me cringe.
There were just as many goods that outweighed the bad though. I loved Mik. I’m not sure if I liked how the book started out not really knowing where he fit in but it all fell into place.
As much as I loathed Brenden…he brought the suspense.
All together this was a good book. I enjoyed it enough that I will probably read more in the series.
3.5 Stars



Kylie Hillman is an Australian author who was born and raised in Outback South Australia. A love of reading as a young child developed into a love of creating stories so she could always be found either scribbling away furiously in her notebook or entranced by an open book.

Mum to two gorgeous, talented children and wife to a Harley riding Aussie bloke, Kylie spent her twenties reading multiple books from many different genres and authors, and occasionally finding the time to write a story as inspiration hit. A devastating diagnosis of severe Crohn's Disease at the age of twenty-four brought her accounting career to a screeching halt and after recovering from multiple surgeries, Kylie was left scrambling as to where her life was now headed. She began writing again as a way to alleviate the monotony of life as a stay-at-home mother to two school aged children and was finally driven to publish her first novel after falling in love with her characters and wanting to share them with others.

A self-proclaimed Queen of Sarcasm and Innuendo, Kylie also enjoys drinking copious amounts of tea, listening to 80's rock music and being taken for rides on the back of her husband's Harley when the kids are at school. She is determined to one day ride her own Harley and her biggest wish is to see a cure developed for Crohn's Disease in her lifetime.

A lover of dark romance featuring hot alphas, sassy heroines and real-life drama, Kylie's first series is based around the Black Shamrocks Motorcycle Club and contains everything she loves about the genre. Seizing Control: Black Shamrocks MC is her debut novel and is part of a series of five books following the ups and downs of the love lives of the members of the Club. The second book in the series, Making Choices, will follow in early December 2015.

Kylie is also working on a stand-alone dark MMA novel, which is expected to release in February 2016.

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