Wednesday, October 21, 2015

BOOK REVIEW - Almost Perfect by Jenny Sielgel

For the last three month, Charlie has worked hard to reinvent herself as a good girl. Now living with her boyfriend Dominic, everything is perfect. 


Charlie thought she has escaped her past, but as more photographs surface, she wonders if it has finally caught up with her? Despite Dominic's assurances nothing can come between them; the truth isn't easy to accept when it's staring you in the face. Especially when Charlie realizes there might be more to the photos than someone trying to remind her of a life she'd rather forget. 

Can she make peace with her past or will it destroy her present? 

Being the good girl just got dangerous.


Almost Perfect pretty much picks up right about where A Good Girl leaves off. 

Charlotte/Charlie and Dominic are living in bliss. Or so they think. Strange things are happening that
 are bringing up Charlie’s not so great past and she would like nothing more than to keep it there.

The book is packed full of drama and angst, with plenty of sexy times. I also loved that there was a nice little mystery thrown in. I love when a book has a bit of suspense to it but isn’t off the charts.
Almost Perfect is a likable story with likable characters and there really isn’t anything bad I can say about.

It was an enjoyable read all around.

4 Stars

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