Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jack and Djinn by Jasinda Wilder - Review

Miriam's life is a hot mess. Ben won’t let her go and she knows she can’t take anymore. She simply will not and cannot withstand another insult, another drunken rage, another blow. But she has nowhere to go, no one to help her.

One night, Ben’s alcohol-fueled abuse explodes hotter than it ever has before, and Miriam isn’t sure she’ll survive it this time.

Then Miriam meets Jack. Sweet, handsome, brave, and totally unafraid of the strange and often scary things that have begun happening whenever Miriam’s emotions run high.

As things between Miriam and Jack heat up, so does Ben’s jealous rage, as well as the mysterious fire that seems to burn hotter and hotter inside Miriam. She quickly discovers two things: one, that she has a lot more power and strength hidden within herself than she’d ever imagined, and two, that Jack's gentle, unwavering love can heal a lifetime of wounds and scars.

Will they survive to explore all that could be between them?

Angie's Review

What an interesting, entertaining, and purely refreshing take on a paranormal romance! There are no vampires or werewolves. Just Miriam who is a Djinn. You will have to read the book to find out what that means. I was clueless going into it, but it is explained in the very beginning of the book.

Jack and Djinn was a sweet romance that dealt with some very serious real world issues such as domestic abuse and it even touched on parental neglect a little bit. The steam factor was definitely there even though there were really only two “steamy” scenes in the book. The author did not use it to fill up the book, and for me, that is an important trait of a good book.

I really enjoyed the pacing of the book. The author did a wonderful job by having every other chapter explain what is leading up to the chapters that involve Detective Hale. I am excited to read the next book in the series which will focus on Detective Carson Hale.
4 Stars

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