Thursday, January 22, 2015

~Review~ Gable by Harper Bentley


Harper Bentley

*Gifted for an honest review* 
4 stars
Hhhmmm, I'm not sure if I liked this or really liked this, perhaps I can sort that out by the time I've finished writing this. Harper Bentley gives us the atypical man whore in the form of Gable Powers (yes, dead cheesy I know) and the apparently backboned, one ex-boyfriend girl that is Scout. There's the gay best friend, the other Powers brothers, the girls running around after Gable. Extremely clichéd and unoriginal main characters. But then again this book is full of so many clichés that it has to have been done on purpose. There's a recognition that there are clichés, does it allow the author to get away with it? Here, in this book, I would say most definitely yes. It isn't pretending to be anything otherwise. The writing is quite raw, it's not gussied up with big words or clever sentences, it's not trying to be something it isn't. Entertaining and straight forward storytelling.
I really wasn't expecting the pen pal thing so for me that was a nice little surprise. Quite clearly used to show another side of Gable and an interesting way to tell half a story. There's no Gable POV until right at the end (even then it's only a snippet) so this was a good way to see what was going on inside his head. And of course they knew it was each other! The downside? Turned our lovely Scout into a moaning Minnie in like 0 to 5 seconds flat frown emoticon There is a lot of misunderstandings between Gable and Scout in which I found that she was too forgiving, too easily. Crikey, I would have had that man's head and walked away. He comes across as a shallow, arrogant SOB that verges on sexually harassing Scout every moment he can get. Some of it is funny, some of it is cringe worthy and some of it is downright unforgiveable.
If people are comparing this to another well known book along the same lines then they really shouldn't. This is a decent book in it's own right. Having not read any other books by Harper Bentley I really don't know her style but I have to say I liked the honesty of it. It's not a book to be taken too seriously I think, it's something that would pull you out of a book funk as long as you didn't want a heavy read. It's flirty and funny, not too emotional. You don't become too invested in the characters. It suits this book, a quick piece of writing for you to get lost in for an hour or two. That's what I did and I think my 4 stars would be a fair reflection of that. In between liked and really liked. Recommended for sure!

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