Friday, January 9, 2015

~Maggie's Five by Sandra Fitzgerald~REVIEW~

Maggie’s Five

By Sandra Fitzgerald

Book Description
I had a great life. Not perfect, but really good. I was happy.
I had a husband and two children. But now I've got Red.
He’s using me but, that’s okay, because I’m using him too, only for a different reason.
He wants sex and leverage. I want numb.
But then Luke came back.
Don’t be stupid. Luke’s not my husband. My husband is dead, like my children.
Luke came back and things have started changing. And I think, maybe, that I’m okay with change, but I’m worried it’s too late, that I might be too far down the Rabbit Hole.
I’m Maggie Cartwright, and this is my story. But be warned, it may not be the happy ever after you dream of.

Amanda’s Rating: 4 ½ stars!!!

As soon as I read the description for this book I knew I had to read it. I was in the mood for an emotional read and this book was that and more. Maggie’s Five made me cry and really think about how I would react if some of the events that happened to Maggie happened to me. I LOVE books that make me think and reflect on life in general.

The book starts out with Maggie and her family. She has a loving husband Brendan and to beautiful daughters. Her husband loves her dearly and her life is perfect. Then BAM its all gone in the blink of an eye. Tragedy has ripped Maggie’s world apart and she has lost her family. No one is sure how she is going to move on or what she is going to do. Luke was there for her. He never really pushed her but was just around. They aren't involved romantically but he helps her begin to move on. When he has to leave to go deal with his company Maggie feels like everyone leaves her and spirals downward. She feels everyone will eventually leave her so why bother trying anymore. She meets Red. Red uses her for sex and money but Maggie really doesn't care she just wants to feel nothing. Red helps her do that. He keeps her drugged up on who knows what and she feels numb. This is when I really started to wonder how I would react if I lost my husband and children. While I was upset with Maggie’s choices I can’t say that I would not want to feel numb as well.

When Luke returns he finds Maggie a mess and reveals that he understands all too well about lose. He seems determined to help Maggie and keep her safe. But, Maggie is not sure she can return and recover from the things she has done with Red. This is when I started wondering- Will Luke be able to help Maggie recover? Maybe even find love? I don’t want to ruin the book for readers so I will stop right here. Pick up this book today and you won’t be disappointed!! Thank you Sandra for writing an amazing story about love and lose.

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