Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Interview with the fabulous K. Bromberg

    K.Bromberg has taken the reading world by storm, creating one of my favorite book boyfriends in the process and what an honor it is for me to be able to get inside her head for a bit! 

 Since Colton is a race car driver, were you into racing before writing driven?  
I grew up with my Dad watching it on TV and racing offroad but that is about it. I went to high school with Jimmie Johnson (he and my Dad raced together for a few years) but other than that, no.

    What was your inspiration to begin writing?    
I was bored. My husband was traveling for work and I was sick of watching television. I was reading FSOG and Raine Miller and Jodi Ellen Malpas and thought, ‘Why not try?’

   Is Colton Donovan truly a work of your imagination? Or does he exist somewhere out there?   
Truly a figment of my imagination. Sorry ladies…but I’m sure your Colton is out there somewhere!

    When you wrote the driven trilogy did you expect for 'I race you' and the superheroes to be such a defining trademark? 

Yes and No. I try really hard with every book to add in what I call “money lines” … those lines that make people hear it or see it and it brings them back to the series…So yes, I try to hard to make those lines, but sometimes the ones I think will take hold, are not the ones that actually do….and No, I never expected it to this extent. When bloggers had Fueled, I had one message me and say, “I can’t even fold my sons’ clothes without thinking of Colton now.” That kind of made me realize how poignant the superheros were going to be to readers.

   If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything about the story?  
I would probably change a few things in Driven. It was my first book, my first attempt at all of this so there are some rookie mistakes there but other than that, no, I’m proud of my work.

What was the worst job you've ever had?  

I worked at a men’s clothing store making $5 an hour…I was so good at it they promoted me…yep, I got a ten cent raise. It wasn’t a bad job, just a bad system…I’ve been fortunate in my jobs though.

   IF Driven were made into a movie, who would you choose to play Colton and Rylee?   
I won’t say. Sorry. I think readers should have their own visions in their heads.

  What is it like to write a male POV being a female author?      
I actually enjoy it. It’s less complicated than a woman and you can tell it like it is and be crass. With that said, some people are offended by how I write a male POV because of the swearing and vulgar terms but to me, that’s how guys talk when they are with other guys.  I look forward to male POV chapters…especially Colton’s dirty mouth.

    Where did the idea for the foster boys come from?  
No clue. Lol. Seriously. They were just always there.

   What was the last book you read?        

I don’t get to read much anymore because I’m always editing. The last full book I read was Sweet Ache because I was editing…but right now I’m reading a secret project by CD Reiss and then Kaleidoscope Hearts by Claire Contreras.

1Negative reviews come with the territory but how do you handle the negative feedback?   
I’ve been quite lucky and don’t have too many people who are jerks or cruel. At first it used to really bug me and I’d stew on it forever but now I just shrug. I read every single review I get…I do…and I try to take something constructive from every negative one I receive.

1Do you cringe when writing sex scenes?    

Yes. Hands down sex scenes take me forever to write. And more so than when I write them is when I hear other people quote them. I die of embarrassment then.

1Who is your favorite character that you've written so far?  

Colton. Hands down. He’s complicated and dark but he wants to be good…I grew as an author the same time as Colton grew into a man…so we share something that’s hard to explain…it sounds stupid, but it’s true.

1Was driven always going to be a trilogy or did it just happen that way?

Yes. It was always a trilogy. I had to figure out the ending before I began so I knew what things I needed to plant throughout the first two books. I’m an outliner. Yes, things changed as I wrote, but the main gist of the story stayed the same.                                                          

1How do you deal with writers block?   

Ugh. The dreaded term. Sometimes I have to step away for a few days. Sometimes I have to sit and power through it…just depends on my timeframe. The only way to get through it is to write so…

1Is it a struggle to juggle family, writing and deadlines? 
It’s BRUTAL. The demand between social media expectations and to interact and to write 1 book every 3 - 4 months is ridiculous. My family suffers from my absence, no doubt…there have been many fights in my house over the amount of time I spend on the computer.                          

1Who is your favorite author?   

Growing up it was Sidney Sheldon and Nora Roberts…now I don’t have one because there are so many choices.

1Rylee is probably my favorite female lead EVER and many others feel the same. Do you have any personal traits similar to  Rylee?     
My husband says reading Driven was like listening to me talk…so I guess the answer is yes J

1Becks, let's talk about him. What should we expect going into his book?    
Hmmm. I love my Becks. He’s slow and steady but damn, that man can pack a punch. I think you’ll be surprised by him and fall in love with him and his easy ways. It’s Haddie who will surprise you.

1Do you find that Becks is easier to write that Colton? 
I’ve only ever written Colton so the transition was super hard to not make Becks sound like Colton….with that said, it was fun to write Becks…

Having had such success with  driven , do you find it scary to venture into another story? It has to be scary considering most people will compare Colton to Becks                    
Definitely. I’m super nervous but I think that people will be so busy getting wrapped up in the emotion of Slow Burn that they’ll only realize it when there is one of those classic Becks and Colton scenes that pops up…

        Now for some fun and easy ones.                                        

   Do you make your bed daily?    

             Depends if my husband doesn’t make it. He usually does about 80% of the time          so when he doesn’t I do. I make my (3) kids’ daily though.

  What is your absolute favorite guilty pleasure? 

What do you do for fun when you aren't in your writing cave?    

                 Spend time with my family

 Can you even look at cotton candy and keep a straight face?

Nope. Lol. I figured why not give Moms something fun to think about while their kids get whacked out on sugar J

What's your favorite movie?   

  That’s hard…too many to name                               

 Favorite book? 

  Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay, Where the Red Fern Grows…should I keep going?

 Last but not least, can I marry Colton?   

Hmm Rylee may not like that… lol

Thank you so so so much!! I deeply love your books and characters. They have had a huge impact on my life so I thank you for giving the world Colton and Rylee. We race you!

Thank you so much!  I can’t wait for you all to read Slow Burn!

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