Thursday, December 4, 2014

Truth in Wildflowers by Kimberly Rose - Review

Truth, love finds you.
Truth, love leads you.
Truth, love heals you.
Truth, love breaks you.

For college student Kensie, finding love hasn’t been easy. With a father she’s estranged from she finds it difficult to trust men, and with a past she’s ashamed of she is unable to trust herself. Kensie feels irrevocably stagnant with an unending desire to move. That is, until she meets August, and her life is set into motion.

After a tragic accident, August gave up on living. A captive to his guilt, he is unable to move on from his past. Then he finds a reason in Kensie. She awakes every dormant fiber of his being, but will she want him once she discovers he is everything she fears most?

Can Kensie let herself love August, or will the truth destroy her?

Sav's 4 Star Review

Truth in Wildflowers is book one in a series. In this book you get the story of August and Kensie. This is a standalone in the series so their story is complete and you don't have to worry about any cliffhangers.

This book is absolutely incredible, especially for a debut book. It was an exceptionally easy read. The characters just make you love them and the storyline is very enjoyable. This is a book about life and learning how to trust again. 

In this book we learn that Kensie has issues with trust. She has dealt with some issues in the past and just doesn't want the complications or heartache that being with a man brings. That all gets very very hard once she meets August. The pull to be around him is so strong she can't stay away, even if she tries her hardest she's still on August's radar. 

August is just the best. He is incredible. I found myself smiling in most every scene with him in it. He is loving and caring and HOT! Oh boy is he hot but he himself has suffered a great loss and withholds the truth from Kensie. 

Can August open himself up to Kensie and tell her his most darkest secrets? Can Kensie accept him for who he is and learn to trust him fully? Those are the million dollar questions.

This is just one of those books that pulls you in. The cover is exceptional and the words pull you in immediately. I found myself smiling and laughing and even shed a few tears. It's not overly angsty and it's not insta-love, it's definitely insta- lust. The character build up was crazy good and well thought out and the meaning of TRUTH in this book behind the metaphors I just absolutely loved. My truth is that Kimberly knocked it right out of the park with her debut novel so go check it out! 

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