Friday, December 5, 2014

Review for Josie's Miracle by Dawn Sullivan


A doctor for the White River Wolves, Josie Bennett is devoted to her pack and her calling to heal those in need. Then one fateful night changes everything.

As an enforcer for the Shifter Council, Ryker Kain has pledged himself to the council and dedicated his life to serving and protecting its members.

Ryker and Josie cross paths when Ryker is sent to track down a rogue wolf pack that has kidnapped and terrorized a young female fox shifter. Unable to fight the mate bond, they surrender to the undeniable desire between them.

When Ryker must leave to complete his mission, will the passion that brought them together be enough to fight the ties that threaten to tear them apart?


It's so beautiful! Dawn has done it again! I just love this book! Josie is amazing! She's strong, dedicated, determined, and a hell of a fighter. From the very first chapter I was enthralled. I felt so proud of Josie! She is very protective! I think she brought out a side of herself that even she didn't know about. This is a novella about a woman who finally finds her true mate after waiting for so long, only to find out that she would have to wait even longer to find out if it is even possible for them to be together! So she does what any woman would do... she immersed herself in her work. She is a born healer; the woman wouldn't hurt a soul.... well unless she had to! The woman can be down right vicious when she needs to be! But she has a heart of gold!

Ryker is perfect! From the very beginning he protects Josie. It doesn't matter who it is that has a problem with his mate, he is there to take on anyone who shows any kind of aggression towards her. Now that's the kind of protective alphaness I love! The connection between the two is instant, like as soon as Ryker scents Josie, he knows he just has to have her!  And he is GORGEOUS! He's not your typical shifter... and Josie always though her mate was a wolf! Ha! Guess fate fooled her! 

"You are mine, Ryker. I am yours. Whether we claim each other tonight, next week or next month, that isn't going to change. I want you now. I want you inside of me. I need you." -Josie

I highly recommend this book! I am just so horribly sad it's over and I CANNOT wait for the next book in this series! Even though Dawn made me cry! Yes, there is a certain part in the book where my heart just stopped. I just couldn't breathe! Sometimes, books have twists and turns that you just don't see coming, and this is one of them! I just can't describe it! You just have to go read it! 5 stars! 

~Review by Tab~

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