Sunday, December 7, 2014

Review for In Deep and In Deeper by Kella McKinnon



What would you do if you met a man that made you burn like wildfire from the inside out? Burn so hot that with one touch you forgot to breathe?

And if you knew that he had dangerous secrets? Would you be able to walk away? 

I couldn’t. As strong as I know I am, I kept going back for more of him. That body… those eyes…

I saw him for the first time on my very first day in Vegas, and even then I think a part of me knew, because I couldn’t look away. It was like that moment when you see something flying towards you and you know it’s going to hit you before you can ever move out of the way, so you just watch, transfixed, as it crashes into you. Cristos Vicario: owner of the illustrious Adagio hotel and casino and reputed billionaire playboy. He sure as hell wasn’t what he seemed on the surface. That man had secrets. No one knew what a dark and dangerous world he lived in, and when I finally saw him for what he was, it was already far too late. I found myself inextricably tied to him forever. The course of my life altered. My entire world changed forever as he took away my freedom and gave me the key to my dreams in one fell swoop.

How could I have known that the one man who should have been my greatest nightmare would become the one thing I couldn’t live without? And all I had to do was forgive him…


I was only living for one thing, one goal, one endgame… until I saw Brielle. And when I touched her, it was all over for me… I just didn’t know it yet. Not until I broke all of my rules for her, one after another, and that still wasn’t enough. I wanted more. 

I wanted it all. Yeah, what I did to her was pretty much unforgivable. I know that now. Some small part of me might have known it then, too, but it didn’t matter. I had to hold on to her. I would have done anything to keep her… and I did.
Now I’ve put her in danger, dragged her into my world, and I don’t know whether to push her away or hold her tighter. Letting her go would be the right thing to do… but every time I try to do the right thing… I can’t. 

When I take her, it’s always hard and desperate, as if she’ll disappear if I can’t make her feel the same things I feel... if I can’t force her to care about me enough that she’ll look past everything else and see into my heart.
Last night, after she fell asleep, still wrapped in my arms, I rested my lips against the top of her head and inhaled the scent of her as she slept. Trusting me, even though she shouldn’t. “I don’t deserve you”, I whispered. “But I want you. God, I want you so badly.”


I think I'm in love with these books. Cristos Vicario is everything a woman could ever want wrapped up in one big ball of hotness!! He's demanding, protective, intelligent, and always one step ahead. Did I mention that the man is "wipe the drool off of your face" sexy?! Well he is! The only problem is... he is the head of a drug cartel. Dangerous and thrilling right? Well dangerous is right.My heart almost jumped out of my chest like a thousand times while reading these books! And don't even let me get started on all the secrets! The man could have all his fingernails ripped out and he still wouldn't spill the beans about anything he wanted to keep secret. That takes a lot of will power. 

Brielle is.... well, not quite the opposite of Cristos, but different. She is super smart and has a heart of gold. She's working on her dissertation and that's how she meets Cris. The only problem is, well, she's completely against drugs. He father, who worked for the FBI, was killed trying to bring down a drug cartel. Maybe even the same cartel Cris is a part of.... So of course, Brielle's dissertation is about the drug cartel and how to help families out that have had to experience them. I find Brielle refreshing. She's different from most of the women I read about. I mean, she has some of the same qualities, but there is just something different about her. 

I love these books. Couldn't put them down! The only part I really didn't like was the constant break ups and reunions. I mean, how many times can a woman leave a man, or a man tell a woman to leave, before it just gets repetitive. I actually found myself rolling my eyes at one point. Great books! I really loved them, but I could have done without the constant back and forth. I think I got whip lash at one point. 
Hope there is more to come! 4 Stars!

~Review by Tab~

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