Friday, December 19, 2014

Change of Hart by M.E Carter - Review

My name is Jason Hart. 

As the best defensive lineman in the country, I eat, sleep and breathe football. And I like it that way. I’ve only got a few more years before I’ll have to retire, so expending energy on anything other than football seems like a waste of time.

That is, until I have a random meeting with a little boy who just lost his father. We have more in common than you might think and it creates an unlikely bond. As our friendship grows, so do my feelings for his mother.

I know Addison, as a recent widow, isn’t ready to date again. But I want to get to know her better, in spite of all her rejections.

Is it possible that I, a self-proclaimed bachelor, could be having a Change of Hart?

Sav's Review

I saw the synopsis of this book pop up in my newsfeed and I automatically thought, OMG I need this book. Here's why I had insta-lust with this book, I love football players but the funny part, I hate football. I seriously do love a good book where the hero is a football player because holy hello hotness. 

I immediately dove into this book, not knowing what to expect and M.E Carter did not disappoint. Famous football star Jason Hart agrees to visit his friend's school. Just to chat with the students and brighten their day. He is tackled immediately by sweet energetic Jaxon Bryant. A young boy who idolizes him but Jason feels a strong connection to this young boy who's father had just recently passed. The instantaneous bond between these two made me smile deeply, from the heart. I loved it!

Jason finds it weighing heavy on his heart to get to know Jaxon and be a male role model for him. Little did he know, that when he met Addison, Jaxon's mom, that he was going to develop a whole new obsession. She was beautiful, but not in a super model size zero way, she was a REAL woman. She had the body of a mom. She wasn't perfect but to Jason she was flawless (hello swoooon) but Addison was apprehensive and she had very good reason. After some hesitation she finally agrees to date Mr. Hart.

But like any famous person, it comes with a whole lotta hooplah. Can Addison handle the heat that comes with dating the worlds most lusted after man? Or will her issues with trust, drive her away forever?

This book, oh this book. It made my cheeks hurt from grinning. I absolutely loved the characters and the banter that went on in this book. I loved that she made the heroine a REAL everyday, woman. I loved the character development and the whole premise of the story. Yes, it is definitely a sweet read. It's not overly angsty and it's not slammed pack with sex on every page. In a day and time where everyone seems to compete for who can write the most alpha and who can write the most sex or who can write the wildest wow moment or cliffhanger, it's books like this that make me stop and say, THIS IS WHAT IT"S ALL ABOUT! We tend to get lost in all the hype that we lose the simplicity of love. This book shows the simplicity that I love. True love is just that, simple, and that my friends is what this book focuses on. It was a complete breath of fresh air and I loved seeing it all play out. M.E Carter definitely writes from the Hart. 

4 Hart-warming Stars 

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