Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Book Spotlight - Don't Look Back by Nicola Graham

Katherine is thrilled at the chance to escape her real life in California for a few precious days alone, traveling back to her hometown in England to surprise her best friend at her fortieth birthday party.
Matthew is frustrated after finding himself unexpectedly back in the country he swore he would never return to over two decades ago. Missing his family, he eagerly awaits returning back to his real life in a few days.
Undoubtedly the birthday girl isn’t the only one surprised as Katherine is completely taken back by Matt’s appearance when he stops in at the party. Finding themselves face to face with one another after so many years, their intense attraction is as fierce as ever. After vanishing from each other’s lives more than twenty years ago, Kate and Matt have their own misguided interpretations of why their young relationship failed, but neither completely knows the truth.
Now they find that each of their spontaneous journeys has caused their paths to cross once more. Fate cruelly robbed them of their chance at forever; perhaps it is trying to make amends?

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