Thursday, November 6, 2014

Review - All or Nothing by Lexi Ryan

**ALL OR NOTHING is a short, sexy, new adult romance and is also available as part of the ALL I EVER WANTED anthology.**

After years of placing the wrong bets, all Aubree Baxter ever wanted was someone to take a chance on her. More specifically, she wants golden boy Kennedy Hale, her good friend and unrequited crush. After a seduction attempt gone terribly wrong, she knows pursuing anything more than friendship with Kennedy means sure heartbreak. If they're going to make this work, it has to be ALL OR NOTHING

Erycka's Review

ARC provided for honest review.

I think it is safe to say, I am a forever fan of Lexi’s. I LOVE her books. The way she writes, the way she breathes life into her words, the way she can evoke emotion, it is all astonishing!!

It is no different with her latest piece, ALL OR NOTHING.

I’ve never wanted to live in “middle America,” okay, I live in the Midwest, however; if ever given the chance to move again, I’d jump on it. But the way Lexi describes Abbott Springs makes me want to road trip to the middle of nowhere and set down roots…as long as it had a Target within fifteen minutes.

This quaint little town has just about everything a girl from the country moved to the city needs. The only thing missing…the losers she left behind. Bree has bounced from city to city following one douche after another. She’s jobless and miserable and the last thing she wants is to go home for Winterfest. An occasion she told her best friend Kennedy, she planned to miss. The memories of what she lost in her little town a bit too painful to go back and relive. And the embarrassment of what she did in October played a part as well. Accept, her other best friend Everly’s band is playing and she’d never miss that performance.

During the Dirty Dancing contest, Bree and Kennedy move and touch one another that is probably illegal in some places. Kennedy brings up October, but Bree doesn’t want to discuss what happened. I wonder why??

Feelings mount and things happen.

I laughed, teared up, banged my fist on the arm of the chair in frustration, and loved every bit of it! The emotion is worth it!

5 coco filled stars!!

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