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Review - Living with Regret by Lisa DeJong

We're celebrating the release of Living With Regret by Lisa De Jong! Check out the review below!

Title: Living with Regret (Rain #3)
Author: Lisa De Jong
Age Group: NA
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: Mae I Design

I had my whole life mapped out. Perfect guy. Perfect friends. Everything was exactly the way I wanted it.

That was until that night--the one I can’t remember. It’s all my fault, and now the memories are all I have left of him. Of us.

My guilt drowns me until Sam Shea steps back into my life and helps me to the surface. He slowly opens my heart and crawls deep inside before I even realize what’s happening. I know I don’t deserve him.

While I’m trying to get used to my new life, pieces of that night slowly start to come back to me. Lies and secrets shatter everything I thought I knew.

Maybe I’m not the only one living with regret.

Erycka's Review

ARC provided for honest review.

I always know from the first turn of my Kindle, I am going to on an emotional roller coaster ride when Lisa is the author. This time was no different! She definitely has a way of pulling her readers in and gluing them to their chairs.

This is Rachel’s story. And it isn’t for the faint of heart. It started off with a bang that caused my heart to skip a beat.

“We’ve all been given a life, but we have to make a conscious decision to live it.”

Rachel is living in her very own darkness. She can hear those around her, but she can’t respond. The pounding in her head matches the beeping of the machines and both annoy her.

When she is finally able to respond, the questions she has are insurmountable. And the answers are crushing. The love of her life, Cory, didn’t make it. The pain from hearing that statement causes a downward spiral with no end in sight. Physically she can’t breathe and emotionally, she can’t bear the thought of him being gone.

“We’ve all been given a life, but we have to make a conscious decision to live it.”

In walks Sam. Totally and completely swoon, melt-your-heart, we all need a Sam in our lives, worthy!! He is her savior in so many ways. Her best friend that was pushed aside because of Cory. The one that returns with no expectation…or is there?

“Once you’re mine, I’m not going to let you leave for anyone else.”

WHOA! Now, that’s a line! One that had my heart beating a tad quicker in both adoration and anticipation. I couldn’t wait to keep reading. Many hours of sleep were lost because of this very line…it pushed me into wanting more. More Sam. More Rachel. Just more!

My heart hurt for Rachel. Her sadness was so great it felt palpable. The grief she carried around nearly destroyed her. Nearly destroyed me. I wanted to crawl inside the pages of Rachel’s story and knock some sense into her, and comfort her at the same time.

“The most difficult things we do in life can be the most gratifying.”

This line carries so much weight with it. A weight of truth. A weight of need. And, a weight of “get off your behind” and do something. There were several lines that I loved. This one is at the top.

It is with great pleasure that I HIGHLY recommend this book and give it FIVE bruised but never broken stars!!


Lisa De Jong is a wife, mother and full-time number cruncher who lives in the Midwest. Her writing journey involved insane amounts of coffee and many nights of very little sleep but she wouldn't change a thing. She also enjoys reading, football and music. She is the author of When It Rains, After the Rain, Plastic Hearts and Glass Hearts.

Contact:, @LisaDeJongBooks

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