Friday, October 24, 2014

Rellik by Teresa Mummert - Review

Rellik Bentley is to die for. 

He can have any woman he wants and they will do anything to be with him. He uses and abuses them like drugs and tosses them out with the trash. The only thing he gives a f*ck about is his music. That is, until Ella Lighten walks into his life and stumbles upon one of his darkest secrets. In the midst of doing damage control, he begins to obsess over the mysterious woman who wants absolutely nothing to do with him.
Rellik won’t take no for an answer.


Sav's Review

My oh my, it's really going to be hard to put into words what I just read WITHOUT giving anything away but alas I will not ruin this book for you so you can continue on reading. 

This book is one of those, where you see the cover and think to yourself, I need that book. Then you see teasers and think, OH MY GOD I NEEEEEDDD THIS BOOK. Yep, this book was one of those for me. I had zero clue what it was about (I hardly ever read a synopsis because I love being shocked) So I jumped at the chance for an ARC and thankfully Teresa had mercy on my poor blogging soul and sent me an ARC.

I automatically jumped in. Submerging myself in the world of Rellik (Ryder) and Ella and let me tell you I had no idea what I was getting myself into. 

From the very start you know that their pasts are both dark. Both came from a place that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Both burying the demons that haunt them on a daily basis. Both are trying to numb the pain however they see fit.

Now when you start this book, you will think it's just a regular ordinary story of two broken people finding redemption in the arms of each other but let me stop you right there and tell you that Teresa had other plans. This book took one hell of twist that left me with my mouth hanging open and yelling OMG OMG. I was literally sideswiped. I did not see the twist coming. I don't think many other people will either. 

Rellik is a perfectly thought out and constructed book. It will draw you in and have you flipping the pages until the very end. Teresa plays the roll of the master puppeteer and she will have you gasping for air by the time the book ends. You will want to click this book when it releases. So just do yourself a favor and pre-order and get ready to have your mind blown.

4.5 page - turning stars 

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