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All for this by Lexi Ryan - Review

Released August 4, 2014

New Adult Contemporary Romance

1) LOST IN ME is FREE through the ALL FOR THIS tour!

2) ALL FOR THIS will be $2.99 on release day and $3.99 thereafter.

**ALL FOR THIS is book three in the Here and Now series. It is not a stand-alone and it’s intended to be read after LOST IN ME and FALL TO YOU.**

What if you would never remember the day you made the most important decision of your life?

That’s what they’re telling me about the day of my accident—the day I put on Max’s ring and chose him over Nate. I’m counting on the wisdom behind a decision I don’t remember making.

Max is amazing—sexy, sweet, and kind. I was starting to believe happily-ever-after might be in my future after all. Then the unthinkable happened and my world imploded. If I’m going to make this work with Max, I need my missing memories, or at least answers from about those five days before my accident.

But what does my future hold if those answers aren’t anything like I imagined?

Erycka's Review

All for This by Lexi Ryan

“I promised that, if she chose him, I’d let her go. I promised that I wouldn’t make her second-guess her decision.”

If you haven’t read the first two books in this series because you were waiting for the third so you could read them in succession, well, wait no more! It is finally here, and let me tell you, it is MORE than worth the wait!!!

The pain and agony Hanna experiences from the news of Nate’s death is nothing compared to the choices she’s forced to make after he returns. The constant push and pull of her heart at times seems unbearable to her. On one hand she loves Max and has since she was a young teen, but he isn’t Nate, and Nate owns her heart. What will she do?

“I am a collection of mismatched puzzle pieces, and all I want is to feel whole.”

The torment Hanna has faced since she was young escalates to new heights. She’s looking for the pieces she lost when she fell down the stairs, she’s carrying babies of a man that may or may not be capable of giving her what she wants, what she needs, and she learns the once love of her life, Max, sacrificed all he had for her. Her family, while supportive in her quest for the missing pieces, has their own opinions on how she should be living her life. Namely her mother.

This book left me in pieces. A complete mess. I cried happy tears, sad tears…so many tears! I became a forever fan of Lexi’s after reading Unbreak Me, and every book I’ve read after has solidified that feeling. Her writing style makes reading more than an experience. It brings her characters to life in a way that one can visualize the scene in front of them. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series and HIGHLY recommend it!! Trust me; the heart ache is worth it, totally and completely!

Best line…”Oh my God. This isn’t food. It’s an orgasm in your mouth.” Spoken like a true foodie!
5 STARS!!!

About the Author

Once a college English professor, I now write full time. I live in rural Indiana, where, when I’m not writing, I get to hang out with my husband and two kids–a six-year-old boy and a two-year-old hellion, er, girl. Not surprisingly, reading and writing remain my favorite activities, though both come in bits and pieces these days, not the big hunks of time I enjoyed before I had children. When I’m feeling virtuous, I like to go running (I use that word liberally. I’m really, really slow) or do yoga. Don’t worry, I’m always careful to balance out such activities with a hearty serving of ice cream or a chocolate martini.

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