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Erycka's review of The friend Zone and More than Friends by Tabetha Thompson

Tormented by a past relationship that she can’t seem to escape, Chloe feels like her only option is to swear off men completely. Two years later, the self-imposed “man-ban” is still going strong, but then Skye walks back into her life. Skye left Bartow thirteen years ago an awkward, pimple-faced boy who didn’t quite fit in, but the man that returns evokes a white-hot fire of desire in her. 

Chloe is the only woman Skye has ever loved and he’s not about to let her slip through his fingers again. She may want to put him in the friend zone, but he knows her desire for him is simmering just below the surface. Just when Skye thinks he’s finally broken down the walls of stone around Chloe’s heart, something happens that will leave them both devastated and broken. Are they strong enough to survive

Chloe’s newfound love for Skye grows more and more every day. Never before has she been so enamored by someone. Could that be a bad thing for her though? With all thoughts of Skye and still recovering from her recent attack, Chloe is distracted. Her recently acquired tunnel vision only allows her to see Skye and she misses all the details of the things going on outside her hospital room. 

Skye’s love for Chloe becomes stronger every day and so does his instinct to protect her. With Todd still on the loose, the roses that keep appearing on Chloe’s apartment door, Tom’s odd behavior and Sarah missing, Skye is determined more than ever to never leave Chloe’s side. Will Skye’s determination to protect her from Todd, her friends, and even herself be their undoing

Erycka's review-

The Friend Zone and More than Friends by Tabetha Thompson

Copies provided for honest review.

Friend Zone

This is my first experience with reading anything from Tabetha. I went in with an open mind not knowing what to expect. Often times when I venture into new waters with a new author (someone I’m not familiar with), I am excited to read. This time was no different. Unfortunately, there were hiccups along the way.

Chloe is Tom’s best friend. And his bar manager at BAR. His place is struggling after a significant remodel. With mounting debt, he decides to bring in live music. Over the years Tom has stayed in contact with Skye who has recently moved back to their small town and happens to play in a band. He asks Skye and the band to come in for a trial night. In the meantime, Tom has asked Chloe to come into work early to brief the band on how things run at BAR. He didn’t tell her that it was Skye’s band. When she walks into Tom’s office, she sees him for the first time in ten years. The scary guy that used to skeeve her out when he’d stare at her has grown up to be a very good looking swoon worth man. Her heart skips when their eyes meet.

Skye is now a hot rocker that is still madly in love with Chloe. He has been since the first time he saw her in the local diner in eleventh grade. A warm tingly feeling washes over him when he see Chloe again and all the feelings he’s had for the past ten years rush forward.

It is no secret that Chloe has had some terrible relationships in her past, the mot recent being with her ex Todd. He abused her to the point of hospitalization. And isn’t afraid to do it again.

The sexual chemistry between Chloe and Skye is palpable. And after a few days of working with one another at BAR, Skye decides to remedy that. He watches as Chloe heads into Tom’s office. A few minutes later, sparks fly.

All while Todd is lurking in the background…

More than Friends

This picks up right where Friend Zone leaves off. And with the drop-your-mouth ending that Friend Zone had; it is a good thing I didn’t have to wait.

Todd beat Chloe to within an inch of her life for denying him what he claimed was his…her.

She has been in the hospital in a medical induced coma for days. Skye hasn’t left her side the entire time other than when visiting hours end. And then, he’s never far; he’s been sleeping in the waiting room every night.

Book two went deeper into the character’s lives. We are introduced to the back story of what’s been going on with Tom. We see the love between best friends (Sara and Chloe) and given a deeper history of both Skye and Chloe.

Overall the concept of both books is a very good one. Domestic violence is not an easy feat to read about much less write. I know this is a very personal subject matter for Tabetha a stated in book. There were several grammatical errors in both books which hindered my enjoyment level. Because of this, I have to give each book a 3/5 stars.

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