Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Review: Confessions of a Litigation God, by Sawyer Bennett

Confessions of a Litigation God
By Sawyer Bennett
5 Stars

Matt fucking Connover.

Litigation god.

King of one night stands.

Matt Connover is an expert when it comes to oral skills, in a court room he has perfected the ability to make a witness squirm in their seat, using finesse and charm to win over a jury, get a confession and win his cases. Outside of the court room he uses his perfected oral skills between a woman’s legs to make her squirm and cry out in ecstasy, making them come quickly or drag it out for his pleasure. He’s good and knows it.

Matt’s motto fuck em and leave em, works well for him. His divorce was nasty, and the hurt and betrayal he felt and still carries around with him, keeps him from wanting a relationship again. He loved deeply once and had his heart eviscerated. He will never put himself in that position again.  He has no interest in a relationship beyond sex, which is why One Night Only  a secret exclusive club works well for him. Using fake names, and the no strings attached philosophy, Matt can go on pick his next fuck, from a variety of women who are all searching for the same thing; Sex.  

Searching one day he comes across a new woman on the sight with stunning green eyes. He can tell immediately that she is smart confident and just the woman he wants to spend his night with, but only one night. Meeting Stella, Matt knows that there is something different about this woman he can’t place his finger on it but after spending an amazing night enraptured in pleasure, with more orgasms than can be counted, they part ways never to see each other again, yet Matt can’t get his mind off her.

Come Monday morning, Matt and his partner have acquired a sinking law firm and are meeting with the attorney and her associate attorney to welcome them to the firm, when who should walk in but Stella the woman who he has been fantasizing about for days, aka McKayla ‘Mac’ Dawson, his new attorney.
Never having been in this situation before, Matt is pissed, he feels the control of his world slipping from him. The more time he spends with Mac, the more he wants her and she apparently wants him too. Engaging in a forbidden affair Matt struggles with his feelings, knowing that Mac is a seriously special woman, perfect in his mind, however he refuses to trust another woman, regardless of how amazing the sex is or the feelings she's creating. Matt continues to fight his attraction and his feelings, giving in at a point but shutting himself down again truly believing that nothing good can from a relationship with Mac, his perfect girl.

Mac knows the real Matt, she sees who he is and understands the way he is but still craves more. She is strong and knows what she wants and she want’s Matt. She is patient and willing to wait for Matt to give her what she wants and when he offers to try she is thrilled thinking that she may have finally broken down some of the walls he has put up. However when Matt’s ex-wife destroys a weekend with Matt and his son, Mac watches as Matt builds his walls back up, and pushes her away. Finally deciding she has to do what’s best for her, she gives Matt a piece of her mind and sets her plan in motion to walk out of his firm and life forever.
With her decision made, Matt spends his remaining time with her trying to keep it professional and keep her as a friend. However when Mac accompanies him on a business trip he starts to question everything he has told himself since his divorce and with one last night together,  they spend it worshiping one another as their final goodbye. When morning comes Matt seeks some advice from his father and with the wise words; ‘In my opinion, unaccomplished people only consider the risks, not the rewards. Son, you are not an unaccomplished man.’ Matt must decide if the risk of trusting Mac with his already fragile heart is worth the reward of loving and being loved by the perfect woman.

Dee's Review
***This book was fan-freaking-tastic. The story is the same as the Legal Affairs series only told in Matt’s Point of View with several added scenes. We get to find out exactly what goes on inside his head and let me tell you it’s awesome. This book made me laugh, cry and squirm. The sexual tension in this book is just as hot as the sex and that’s saying something because the sex is pretty freaking hot. I loved reading this story from Matt’s POV something about the way he thinks and feels is just so raw and at times so heartbreaking. I loved it. Sawyer Bennett did an amazing job telling Matt’s side of the story and I loved the extras in this book. Took me less than 34 hours to read the whole book, I couldn't put it down and was getting extremely irritated when I had too. Excellent!!! I recommend this to anyone who has read the Legal Affairs series or if you just need a really hot man, who knows how to please a woman, is stubborn, sexy, brilliant, a little broken, but will still capture your heart, then read this book. I promise you won’t be disappointed.***

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