Tuesday, April 15, 2014

*Spotlight* Dominated by the President by K. Rayan


Erotic romance between Sara, a country girl and Jake, the first black president of the United States

“When Sara's father dies, she loses everything: her farm, her money, and her childhood. Desperate to make a change, she moves to the city and ends up crossing paths with someone as heartbroken and confused as she is. That's where she meets the president - Jake, to her. What will happen? Is their romance ill-fated and destined to fail? Or will the way things are heating up mean a long and happy future for the couple?”

“The President is an eligible bachelor just waiting for the right person to come along. Sara could be the right candidate for the position.”

“Two people from different walks of life who you would never expect to meet and have an intimate relationship together find themselves in a steamy embrace, fueled by desire. How do they dominate their needs with each other?”

“Two people from different worlds enthrawled in their own desires that cant contain the fire inside.”

“Will they end up getting together? And if they do, will it be something that lasts or will it be a fling?”

...The relationship gets increasingly intense with both parties pushing boundaries and coming up with new ideas...
“steamy love scenes that keep you wanting more"

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