Sunday, February 23, 2014

High Stakes Loving by Fiona Archer

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Holy Hell Hot Freaking Dom's!!! Reading this second book in the series I was just as captivated in this one as I was the first, even more so actually. Give this a 5 Star!!!

Reagan, our lovely heroine, is a tough gal. She has been dealt a hand that is not necessarily a winner to begin with but she makes the best of it. She allows her mind to be filled with fantasies she reads within her beloved books. She has attracted the attention of two very sexy, very protective, very dominate ex special forces, Mike and Quinn, who have made it their mission to capture her and make her theirs. Come to find out their mission and her fantasy are one in the same.

Mike and Quinn, both have their own demons to battle through but set their focus on the quiet and shy librarian, whom they find is hiding an arsenal of kinky fantasies that they are only too willing to make come true for her. Being the support system for one another for so many years, has allowed them to form a unique bond of brotherhood, which only strengths when Reagan is caught between them. Two men who are not used to failing a mission refuse to fail now, in earning the love and trust of their little reader.

Reagan being a local to Kings Bluff, grew up in the small town. Every small town has it's scandals and Kings Bluff is no exception, but soon Reagan finds herself and her family history in the middle of that scandal and a mystery that is sure to rock the town and her. Everything she believed to be true has been ripped out from under her and she has to take the biggest gamble of her life, does she fight for her town, her family and her fantasy come true or does she fold and walk away?

I was able to relate to Reagan ALOT in this story. As someone who reads the erotic romance fantasizing about the heroes in the books, wishing that they could be real, but even thinking that if they are they would never want a gal like me. Reagan struggles with the same thing; never thinking she's pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough to capture a mans attention no less hold, she has a hard time accepting that not only does she have one man, but two who find her completely fascinating. All they want to do is love her, take care of her, protect her, with out her giving up who she truly is. I have to say that I LOVED these guys. They are amazing, and even though they are major Alphas trained to do battle and are use to getting their way, even they recognize when a new plan of attack may be needed or slight surrender is called for. I cried several times in this book and it's been a while since I've had a book bring me to tears. The emotion struggle will touch your heart and the internal strength will grab hold of you throughout this story.

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