Saturday, January 4, 2014

Review of We Roam the Seas by Theresa Marguerite Hewitt

When an unknown evil lingers in the distance, Viking daughter Freya is forced into a marriage to keep her safe. Defiant at first, Freya soon finds herself wanting the attention and touch of the stranger whom is set to be her husband. 
Asgar never worried about finding a wife, he only wants to take care of his people the way his father always has. When he sees Freya, he's pulled in, knowing he has to protect her no matter what. 
Thrown into a life neither really wanted, can these two learn to love? Can they share one heart? Is the unknown evil really the one they need to worry about? 
Prepare to be thrown into the dark world of Vikings, mixed with a love story and betrayal that will tear at your soul.

Sav's Review-
Ok, wow! I started this book for the simple fact that some of my friends kept on and on and on about it. Seriously, that is all I heard about. "Sav you need to read the Vikings" so I said what the hell. My friends have good taste and they would never steer me wrong but I was still skeptical. I started the book and ummmm let me say I never expected to get so pulled in like I did. 

First off you meet Freya and she seems shy and guarded and a bit naive and can I say I was WRONG! I mistook her completely. Shy yes but the one word that describes Freya is LOYAL! She is loyal to the core. She is strong, loving, and believe it or not an undercover badass. She is not one to be messed with at all!!!

Then you meet Eska her beloved best friend. I hate him! Period, point, blank. In my opinion, he never loves Freya. He is just obsessed. Obsession is never a good thing and I wanted to get inside this book and bitch his slap his ass.

Ok here is the fun part..... You finally meet Asgar!!!! Oh my word! I expected him to be this virgin taking, loud, dirty, raw, sweaty, fish eating, ale drinking, fat, hairy man and I WAS WRONG!!!!! He is this hot, sexy, loyal, loving, raw, rugged, built, sex god viking man and I'm not even kidding this guy is hot. 

Anyway I will not ruin the story with the basics so I will say this. If you are looking for a quick, easy, but different read this book is for you. It is NOT what you think it's going to be, trust me, I've been there. It is so much better. The storyline is good. It flows well. The characters are lovable except for Eska of course. The sex is hot. A certain, ummm punishment totally is hot! And overall it's just an overall really good book. So 'We roam the seas' gets 4 sea roaming stars and also I just gotta say thank you to TMH for making me question my sexuality because Freya is hot... just kidding... or am I????? So read the book and find out :)

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